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April 20, 2024–TPS Workshop–What Makes Writing Flow? by A.D. Nauman

ONLINE VA, United States

What Makes Writing Flow? What do we mean when we talk about “flow”? “Flow” is a function of grammar, word choice, and transitional language, but it also connects to readers’ expectations. In this class, we’ll analyze a variety of texts for flow and tackle the big question of when, if ever, authors might intentionally disrupt […]

May 18, 2024 — TPS Workshop — Write Tight: Why it’s Important and How to Do it, by Miko Marsh

ONLINE VA, United States

Write Tight: Why it’s Important and How to Do it Storytelling can be used to entertain, inform, reenact events, express emotions, and teach. Whether you’re working on a poem or an epic novel, your word choice and delivery will affect your audience's ability to connect to what you’ve written. In this workshop, Miko Marsh will […]

June 15, 2024–From Idea to First Draft: How to Plot Your Novel by Leslye Penelope

ONLINE VA, United States

From Idea to First Draft: How to Plot Your Novel   Turning inspiration into a finished novel is often daunting. In this workshop, you'll learn a proven step-by-step process for structuring your story idea into a draft-ready outline. Learn to develop memorable characters, craft internal and external character arcs, and sequence pivotal events and tensions […]

August 17, 2024–TPS Workshop–Chopped! The Writing Workshop, by Jody Hobbs Hesler

ONLINE VA, United States

Chopped! The Writing Workshop Inspired by the TV cooking game show Chopped, this generative writing workshop will present students with a “basket” of four “ingredients.” “Ingredients” will be drawn from these categories: situations, objects or places, restrictions (on form or style), and people or moods. During our writing time, each writer will not only include […]