About Us

Hampton Roads Writers

Our Mission

Hampton Roads Writers enriches the Hampton Roads literary arts community by connecting, encouraging, and educating writers of all ages, talents, and genres.  By creating literary events throughout Southeastern Virginia, we serve as a resource dedicated to helping all writers grow in their writing craft and work toward publication success.

Our Past

HRW was established as a nonprofit and incorporated in 2008. The original board consisted of Lauran Strait (President), Stephanie Brannick (Vice-President), Lynn Johnson (Treasurer), and Sherrie Pilkington (Secretary), and the following people acted in an advisory capacity: Jeff Andrews; Nancy Blumenberg; Dr. Tom Cheezum; Jean Hendrickson; Browning Lloyd; Dr. Michael Owens; Sharon Poch; and Valerie Wilkinson.

Our Present

Today, HRW has grown into a multi-faceted non-profit organization based in Virginia Beach, Virginia. HRW serves as one of Southeastern Virginia’s literary hubs and as a welcoming home for all who love the written word. Aspiring and professional writers in all genres and at all levels of ability benefit from a variety of programs, services, and events, often presented in partnership with other cultural organizations. We are supported by government grants, foundations, corporate partners, and the generosity of our members.

To find out more about HRW, including financial information and tax return information, see our profile on Guidestar.org.