Donate to Hampton Roads Writers

Your tax-deductible donation will help HRW promote the craft of writing in our Hampton Roads communities and beyond and will help support Hampton Roads’ growing standing as one of the nation’s most attractive and culturally progressive communities in which to live and work.

If you would like more information or would like to arrange a meeting to discuss supporting Hampton Roads Writers, please contact us.

Here’s how your donation can help:

  • $30 — One scholarship to a Traveling Pen Writers Workshop
  • $100 — One partial conference scholarship
  • $175 — Zoom fees
  • $225 — One conference scholarship for a student
  • $350 — One conference scholarship for a nonstudent
  • $375 — HRW’s yearly PO box fee
  • $400 — Airfare for one out-of-town presenter
  • $1000 — HRW’s yearly web-hosting fee
  • $5000 — Fee to bring a mid-list keynoter to the conference
  • $50,000 — HRW’s yearly operating expenses
  • $100,000 — Fee to bring Stephen King or some other A-lister to keynote conference