Conference Workshops

Pre-Conference Class

Thursday, September 23, from 11 AM - 4 PM
(Check-in at 10:45)

FICTION BOOT CAMP: The Essential A to Zs of Storytelling

Taught by Edmund Schubert

(Limited to 15 people)

Whether you're writing short stories, novels, or creative nonfiction, there are narrative elements that must be mastered: dialogue, pacing, metaphors, plotting, characterization, etc. These are all important technical issues. But how well you write and how you approach story are not the same issue and, arguably, "story" is both more important and more likely to be overlooked. Writing well is the icing on the cake; story is where the substance and real flavor lives.

So how do you make a story uniquely your own? What are you trying to say and why? How can you use technical elements like dialogue and characterization to advance and improve your story? This five-hour workshop will explore all of these questions and more, offering fresh insights into the writing process whether you're a brand-new writer or published many times over.


HRW will provide a boxed lunch

Anyone attending this optional workshop may pre-purchase (at time of registration) a $26 plated dinner for the pre-conference dinner (4:45 - 6 PM on Sept 23) with conference faculty and HRW board members; dinner options include chicken, pasta with sausage, or vegan.

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