Viola Robinson-Boone

VM Roberts’ hobby is writing. It’s a passion she discovered in fourth grade. This hobby has led to the publication of fiction and non-fiction titles over the past eleven years. She writes romantic thrillers, political suspense, women’s fiction & Young Adult novels. In addition, she has written two memoirs.

A Suffolk, Virginia native, Ms. Roberts resided in Trenton, New Jersey, for ten years, eventually settling in the City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She calls it home away from home. These cities and their surroundings are often the settings for her writings.

Ms. Roberts is a healthcare administrator by trade. She holds a MPH in Epidemiology, an MBA in Health Administration, and a BA in Journalism. Employment in the healthcare industry for thirty-six years allowed her the opportunity to act as a college instructor for fifteen years. She used her talent to write health care administrative courses, create teacher-in-service curriculum, resume and cover letter development, and design standard syllabi adopted by program chairs.