Karrie Loomis


Karrie's passion for travel, photography, and the art of storytelling has woven a rich tapestry throughout her life’s journey. After growing up in Michigan, she embarked on an adventurous path by enlisting in the Navy for six years as an Electronics Technician. Though she's lived Virginia Beach for over two decades, she still calls Michigan home. Currently, Karrie serves as HRW's treasurer and is the assistant conference director. She's also had the privilege of teaching creative writing workshops at the Muse Writers Center. “The Rocking Horse,” Karrie's debut book, is a middle-grade fiction centered around the theme of stranger danger. Her writing ventures encompass personal essays and metaphysical science fiction, and her writing has appeared in The Sun Magazine. Karrie also facilitates writers’ retreats and offers mentoring sessions on character development and creativity. In addition to her writing pursuits, Karrie is a Reiki Master and Meditation Mentor.