Kim Thorn

Kim Thorn is a Paralegal/Office Manager for a small law firm serving the Hampton Roads area.  She handles Probate matters that include preparing and filing accountings with the Commissioner of Accounts for Incapacitated adults as well as for Decedent’s Estates. She has raised funds for a several organizations near and dear to her heart.  When her mother was diagnosed with Diabetes she raised money and walked for the American Diabetes Association.  When both of her parents were diagnosed with cancer, she volunteered at an oncologist’s office handing out snacks and drinks to patients.  She also raised money and walked for the American Cancer Society.  In 2009, when her 11- year- old daughter was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease, she was actively involved in spreading awareness with others of the disease as well as fundraising.  She and her daughter traveled to Washington D.C. for the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation several times to lobby Virginia state Senators and Congress members asking for awareness and seeking an increase in funds to research for a cure. Many of Kim’s published works are of a journalist background.  She has worked for Byerly Publications as a freelance writer for several Hampton Roads Community newspapers, The Virginia Beach Sun, The Portsmouth Times & The Chesapeake Post.  More recently she has written articles for the Hot Cars website.  She is a HUGE sports fan and is excited to start soon in writing for the MySportsVote Twitter group. She has a couple of fictional works that are in progress.  One is a novel that is an adventure where the main character is a mixture of James Bond and Geena Davis’ assassin character from the movie, The Long Kiss Goodnight.  She has a YA ‘cozy’ mystery as well as a children’s book she is working on still.