John B. Rosenman

John was an English professor at Norfolk State University where he designed and taught a course in how to write Science fiction and Fantasy. He was the Chairman of the Board of the Horror Writers Association and the editor of Horror Magazine and The Rhetorician. He has published 200 stories in places such as Weird Tales, Whitley Strieber’s Aliens, Fangoria, Galaxy, Endless Apocalypse, The Age of Wonders, and the Hot Blood erotic horror series. John has published twenty books, including Sci-Fi action-adventure novels such as Beyond Those Distant Stars, Speaker of the Shakk, A Senseless Act of BeautyAlien Dreams, the Inspector of the Cross series, the  Dreamfarer series, and A Breath of Fresh Air. He also published a four-book box set, The Amazing Worlds of John B. Rosenman. In addition, he has published two mainstream novels, The Best Laugh Last and the Young Adult The Merry-Go-Round Man.