Dr. Fran Ward

Fran Walsh Ward

(Pen name Frances Ellen Walsh)


Hampton Roads Writers Newsletter March 2021


By Sally Robinette

Frances Ellen Walsh Ward speaks with a tender tongue in her newest book, Soul Tattoos.  This collection acknowledges the people and moments that shaped her full, fantastic, ongoing journey.  Fran is a woman of intensity, scholarship, inspiration, hard work and joy.  Happily, Fran has shared herself with many as a teacher, student, writer, artist.  Dip into Soul Tattoos and find a tide of memories that inform and delight. Fran is an active community force in Hampton, Virginia and Tidewater in her work as an election official; her many affiliations with the Tidewater arts community, especially the Peninsula Arts Center; local museums; Hampton Roads Writers; and more.  Her list of books published included works by Frances Ellen Walsh:  Travels with Ellyn, Beyond the Drawbridge, An American in Kashmir: Undaunted Love.  Look for Soul Tattoos authored as Fran Walsh Ward. Fran had declared PEACE for the whole world for the simple reason that she sees it.  Her Peace Grid covers our earth and welcomes everyone to stand attached and working for peace.  Join her on the Saturday prior to Thanksgiving wherever you are and say it out loud – I Declare Peace! In her on words, Fran sums up her hunger and gratitude for her life. “My life has been an adventure.  Like Ellyn’s, it is a spiritual journey.  Following my heart, I have become who I am.  I have used my gifts and talents as an artist, writer, speaker, and educator.  I am passionate about everything I do and share my joy of life in places near and far with members of our global family, who all complement each other.  Peace and harmony are underlying currents of my existence.  I am grateful for my experiences and eagerly anticipate the next chapters of my life as they are revealed to me.”