DM Frech

Her short story, Appointment, about a Realtor who loses her lic because of unethical buyers and retaliates, was recently published 2023, with Writers Guild of Virginia in The Journal - can be found on Amazon.

Also 7 of her photographs can be seen on Streetlight Magazine's Oct 2022 webpage and 1 of her photographs is on New Feathers Anthology Spring 2023 webpage.

Her chapbook, WORDS FROM WALLS with Finishing Line Press, published June 2022, with a 2nd chapbook, QUIET TREE, also with Finishing Line Press to be published Sept 2023, both chapbooks carry her photographs, as well as poems.

WORDS FROM WALLS - link below:

Please write a review for Words From Walls, if you possibly can, it'll be appreciated beyond words - thank you.

DM writes short stories, poetry, children's picture books, non-fiction, wrote a novel, and 2 screenplays, she's avid photographer and in her spare time hugs trees and stares at the sky.