Abbey Pachter, Ph.D.

HRW, the Virginia Beach Writers, and the Virginia Writers Club have been great resources for making friends and supporting my writing. My writing isĀ  environmentally-minded non-fiction.

In October, 2023, I published A Monarch in Winter: Biography of a Butterfly. It is available now on Amazon or may be purchased directly from me. It is a memoir that helped me focus on the life of one beautiful, small creature while coping during the isolation of COVID-19. I finally emerged that winter to help with the Virginia vaccination efforts. "Spot" lived free-range in my home during his unusually long life, during which time I learned much more than I knew, which I share with the reader, about parallels between insects and humans. Aging can take a long time, and there are lessons to be learned every step of the way.

I was awarded Virginia Writers Club Golden Nib awards in 2021 (1st Prize in nf for The Last Monarch), and in 2023 (2nd prize in nf for Shloshim).

Several essays have been published in the online journal, Pulse: The Heart of Medicine.