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Huge SHOUTOUT of THANKS to the 73 people who donated to HRW on May 10, during the local day of giving. We raised $3,812.19, which will be used to offer scholarships to our paid programs (TPS workshops and Annual conference.) We couldn't do it without your help!

Traveling Pen Series of Writers Workshops for 2022

Our 2.5 hour workshops cost $10 for middle and high school students, $20 for current HRW members and $30 for nonmembers. Scholarships always available for those people with a true financial need.

Writer Meets World: Effectively Researching Your Story’s Time and Place in History

Presented by award-winning author, Alma Katsu

June 18 @ 9:15 am - 12:00 pm EDT

Do you suffer from research paralysis? Are you intimidated by huge research projects in unfamiliar time periods, or one where there is an impossible amount of material to choose from? In this session, the author of widely acclaimed Donner Party retelling The Hunger (and recently published WWII novel The Fervor) explains how she applies research methods from her 30-year career as an analyst for CIA and RAND to historical fiction. Topics will include properly scoping research projects so you don’t end up going down rabbit holes, determining confidence in your sources, efficient notetaking, and managing your research output.

Presenter Bio
Alma Katsu is the award-winning author of seven novels. Her latest is The Fervor, a reimagining of the Japanese internment that Booklist called “a stunning triumph” (starred) and Library Journal called “a must read for all, not just genre fans” (starred). Red Widow, her first espionage novel, is a nominee for the Thriller Writers Award for best novel, was a NYT Editors Choice, and is in development for a TV series.

Check-in by 9:15 AM; class begins at 9:30 AM.
2022 HRW Conf Card


It is time to register for this year's conference.

Early bird prices END June 10.

This year's faculty consists of:


Edmund R. Schubert
Wendy H. Jones

Literary Agents and Publisher

John G. Hartness, publisher at Falstaff Books
Kelly Thomas, agent at Serendipity Literary agency
Cate Hart, agent at Harvey Klinger Literary Agency
Jonathan Rosen, agent at The Seymour Agency

Other Breakout Session Presenters

David B. Coe, who also writes as D.B. Jackson
Ran Walker
John Robert Mack
M. M. Finck (“Peggy”)
Nicole Glover
Kevin Richmond
Ann Eichenmuller
Kelly Morse
Jorge Mendez

Take a look at the conference schedule and at the workshop/classes offered.

Basic Conference Rate—Includes 2 plus-day admission (Sept 22-24), daily continental breakfast and lunch, (no outside food permitted), all-day beverages, writing contests, first 10-lines critique sessions, two 10-minute pitches, 90-minute social, and open mic.

NOTE: we don't charge for entry into contests, for entry into the first 10-lines critique sessions, for agent pitches, or for the social like most conferences do.

  • Early Bird (until 6-10-22) Member = $259, Early Bird Nonmember = $299
  • June 11 - Sept 5, 2022 Member = $329, Nonmember = $369
  • Sept 6 - Sept 24, 2022 = $409
  • 2-day Student = $179
  • 1-day Student = $100
  • 1-day (Friday OR Saturday) member or nonmember = $209 (may attend Thursday evening session for free)
  • Thursday evening only = $59
Member or Nonmember = $459. Golden Ticket includes everything in the basic conference rate plus a dedicated parking space, dedicated front-row seating, Sept 22 pre-conference dinner at 4:45 PM with conference presenters and HRW board members, one free drink at the social, guaranteed entry of work into one of the first ten-line sessions, and an opportunity to pitch to all 4 agents/publishers if desired. LIMITED TO 8 PEOPLE.

A few need-based full and partial scholarships for tuition are available; scholarships do NOT cover pre-conference workshops or those associated meals nor do they cover hotel lodging. Contact us to inquire and be prepared to show the financial need.

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Check out the 2022 contest judges. If you'd like to win, it's a good idea to read some of the judges' published works to get a feel for their style.
Next Zoom Social hour, AKA the Quarantini, is Friday, June 3, 4:30 - 5:30 PM.

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Did you know . .

An exciting new program is coming to Virginia

Authors In Grocery Stores Program

Calling all published authors . . . Do you want a venue to sell your books? HRW is announcing a very successful vendor program coming to Virginia’s Kroger stores.

This program partners with local grocery stores to give Independent Authors a venue to sign books and sell them. Authors set up a table inside the store and sell to passing shoppers. How does it work? The Author packs in what they need - table, chair, decorations, books, etc. Next, they greet customers and promote their book. When a customer wants a book, the author signs it, the customer then takes it to the register for purchase. The author is paid 2 weeks later from the program. Simple as that.

Authors can set up shop any day of the week, but the most popular days are Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Prime times are between 3:00pm – 7:00pm on Fridays, Saturday 9am to 5pm and Sunday 12pm to 6pm. However, an author can set up whatever day works best for their schedule. If an author is having a booming sales day, they may stay longer than they are scheduled as long as the manager does not mind. Interested?
Here are some points you need to know:
Here is what we need from you to get started:
Full Name
Book Title
Contact: james.hill57@verizon.net for more information.

Welcome new members!

Jacqueline Miller

Charles Sutherland

muse summer classes
Join The Muse Writers Center for an amazing slate of online creative writing classes, workshops, and seminars. Featuring introductory classes as well as advanced workshops in Poetry, Fiction, Memoir & Creative Nonfiction, Screenwriting, Comics/Graphic Novels, Songwriting, as well as many great classes for Young Writers and Teens... plus they have a great series of all-new craft, creativity, research, and professional development seminars. Tuition help is always available to those who need it. Learn more at https://the-muse.org/classes-at-a-glance/
Adam Alexander Haviaras Banner

Chesapeake Bay Writers is offering a Free Virtual Webinar

Saturday, June 11, 2022,
11 - 2, Zoom Lunch and Learn:
3-hour Marketing Presentation by Adam Alexander Haviaras.
Adam is the author of the #1 best-selling Eagles and Dragons historical fantasy series.



to the following HRW Members:

Ken Poyner
  • Two poems out in 13 Myna Birds, "GIFT OF A STUTTERING GOD" and "EXPRESSION." Scroll down to items 7 and 6 (they are numbered from the bottom of the page) to read his poems.
Pamela Brothers Denyes
  • Good poetry news! A collection of four purely nature-based poems has been picked up for publication by Honeyguide Literary Magazine for their October issue.
Heather Brown Barrett
  • Her poem "How Fierce I Am" was published at The Ekphrastic Review for the Anita Jawary Challenge.
  • Her poem "Growing a Mother" was published in the Yellow Arrow Journal, in their latest issue UpSpring, which is now available in print or PDF. (Yellow Arrow Publishing is a nonprofit organization that publishes writers/artists that identify as women.)

CONGRATULATIONS to all of you!!

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Pay ranges are as follows:

  • Semi-pro payment = 1 - 5 US cents per word
  • Professional payment = 6 or more US cents per word
  • Pro for poetry= $50 per poem
  • Token = 1 cent per word or less


The Anarchist Poetry Project. Genre: Poem Length: 3 poems up to 5 pages total. "The theme of the book is Building Better Worlds. We’re interested in what those better Anarchist worlds and systems look like. Poems that somehow relate to that theme within the context of anarchism will have a better chance of being accepted. In particular, we love speculative literature (scifi, fantasy, hopepunk and other -punk subgenres, magical realism, etc). But even if your poem doesn’t fall into such genres, we still want you to submit it as long as you identify as an anarchist, and your poems are in some way about or related to anarchism and building better worlds." Payment: $30 per poem + contributor copy. Deadline: Open until filled.

Ahoy Comics. Genre: Short fiction and social commentary. "We seek smart, weird, funny articles or stories, which run between 500 and 1,500 words." Payment. $200.

Radon. Genre: Short stories and poetry containing elements of anarchism, transhumanism, dystopia, and/or science fiction. Payment: 1 cent per word for original work, half a cent per word for reprints.

The Hungur Chronicles. Genre: Horror. Vampires or creatures with vampiric themes. Payment: The pay for original stories is $25.00; for reprints, $12.00. Payment for poems is $5. The pay for illustrations is $8.00. The payment for articles is $10. The pay for cover art is $25.00.

The Were-Traveler: Curst & Twysted Tarot. Genre: Short fiction. Choose an image you would like to write a story about. Payment: $10 for flash, $15 for short stories. (Open until filled.)

Superstition: Book One of the “Fear, Uncertainty, and Doom” Genre: Horror and dark fiction based around the theme of superstition in the broad sense. Payment: $0.02/word for unpublished prose and poetry. (Open until filled.)

Phantom Thieves & Sagacious Scoundrels. Genre: "Elusive and fantastic thieves and scoundrels of all genders and species who can be long gone before the victim even knows what happened. Show us what admirable trickery your scoundrels and robbers and smugglers have up their sleeves!" Payment: $5 per 1000 words. (Open until filled.)

Fantasy Magazine. Genre: Fantasy short stories, flash fiction, poetry. Payment: 8 cents per word; $40 per poem. "We plan to stay open to submissions by BIPOC authors for the entirety of 2022."

Space Horror Anthology. Genre: Stories with one horror trope and one sci-fi trope. Payment: $25. (Open until filled.)

JUNE 2022

Kaleidotrope. Genre: Speculative fiction and poetry—science fiction, fantasy, and horror, but also compelling work that blurs the lines between these and falls outside of neat genre categories. Payment: For fiction, $0.01/word (1 cent a word) USD. For poetry, a flat rate of $5 USD per accepted piece. For artwork, a flat rat of $60 for cover art. Deadline: Opens June 1.

Temz Review. Genre: Poetry and prose up to 10,000 words. Payment: $20. Deadline: Opens June 1.

Vastarien. Genre: Horror. Fiction, nonfiction, poetry, art. Payment: 5 cents/word for prose; $50 for poetry and art. Deadline: Opens June 1.
Baffling. Genre: Speculative flash fiction. Length: Under 1200 words. Payment: 8 cents/word. Deadline: Opens June 1.
Bethlehem Writers Roundtable. Genre: Short stories and poetry. See themes. Payment: 20.00 USD for featured authors, or $10.00 USD for stories published on their &More page and $5.00 USD for poems. Deadline: June 1, 2022.

Contrary. Genre: Poetry, fiction, CNF. Payment: $20. Deadline: June 1, 2022.

Totally Entwined: Secret Santa. Genre: Novellas, 30,000 - 50,000 words. Theme: Christmas Secrets. LGBTQ focus. Payment: Royalties. Deadline: June 1, 2022.

The Growlery. Genre: Essays in the 500-1000 word range. Topics: What The Hell Am I Thinking: Writers On Why They Write. Greatest Misses: Writers On Failure. Killer Reviews. Writers love and fear reader reviews at the same time, which is what makes them an interesting topic to explore. Payment: Contributors will receive 3-5 cents per word. Deadline: June 1, 2022.

Fieldnotes is a biannual print journal publishing new writing and artworks with a focus on practices that work between disciplines and against type. Genre: “We are seeking non-conforming submissions: ideas in transition, poetry in translation, collaborations and conversations, works between genres, between fiction and theory, between text and image, new poetic modes and things-in-progress.” Payment: £100-£200. Deadline: June 1, 2022.

Consequence Forum. Genre: Flash nonfiction focused on the human consequences and realities of war and geopolitical violence. Length: 500-900 words. Payment: $25. Deadline: June 1, 2022.

Scorched Earth Press: Cars Against Humanity! Genre: Nonfiction pieces whose goal is to illuminate the many ways in which cars, and the infrastructure built to support them, constrict (human) life. "We want the essays in this volume to help readers understand the deadly automotive ecologies that have emerged around the world over the past century." Payment: $50. Deadline: June 1, 2022.

Olit. Restrictions: Strong preference for Orlando based writers/submissions about Orlando and surrounding areas. Genre: Fiction, Nonfiction, Poetry, Hybrid, Artwork, Photography. "Send us all kinds of stuff. We love the artfully weird." Payment: $10. Deadline: June 1, 2022.

Parabola. Genre: Original essays and translations, poetry, reviews. Payment: Not specified. Deadline: June 1, 2022. See themes.

Eternal Haunted Summer. Genre: Poetry, short fiction about Other-Than-Human Realms. Payment: $5. Deadline: June 1, 2022.

Massachusetts Review. Restrictions: Open to writers and poets who identify as D/deaf, disabled, chronically ill, mentally ill, and/or neurodiverse. Genre: Fiction, poetry, hybrid, nonfiction. Payment: $100. Deadline: June 1, 2022.

The Offing: Enumerate. Genre: "Enumerate is our department of cataloging, of naming, of listing. It features work that is hybrid — cross-genre, and work in all genres (fiction, CNF, flash, poetry) — as long as it uses the form of a list (which you may interpret widely). Any length, any subject, any medium (i.e. text, video, photo, music, etc.). The lists should add up to some kind of literary foray, exploration, meditation, commentary, collage." Payment: $25–$100. Deadline: June 1, 2022.

Cosmic Roots and Eldritch Shores. Genre: Speculative stories. Payment: 8 cents/word for original work. 2 cents/word for reprints. Deadline: June 1 - 2, 2022.

Havok. Genre: Flash fiction on Theme of LAZINESS / DILIGENCE. Payment: $10 via PayPal for each story published in an Anthology. Deadline: June 5, 2022.

Cossmass Infinities. Genre: Science fiction and fantasy short stories. Payment: $0.08/word for original fiction. Deadline: June 7, 2022.

Scum. Genre: Feminist-friendly work of any variety, but as a general rule your piece should be under 2000 words (50 lines for poetry, max. 3 poems) and able to be classified as “fiction”, “culture”, “memoir”, “column”, “poetry”, and/or “review”. Payment: $60 AUD. Deadline: June 7, 2022. Opens to submissions on June 1.

Coastal Shelf. Genre: Fiction, nonfiction, poetry. Payment: $20 - $30. Deadline: June 7, 2022. Opens to submissions on June 1.

Diet Milk Magazine: Gothic. Genre: Gothic fiction, poetry, and art (drawings, paintings, comics, collages). Payment: $0.01/word for fiction (minimum $40); $15/poem; $50/art piece. Deadline: June 8, 2022.
Bright Wall/Dark Room. Genre: Essays on film and TV that engage in some way with the term voyeur. Payment: $50 per essay. Deadline: June 8, 2022.

Antithesis. Genre: Poetry, research articles, art, and short fiction, creative nonfiction, and personal essays up to 3,500 words on the theme of Tender. Payment: $50 AUD. Deadline: June 12, 2022.

Mary Celeste. Genre: Horror. "Mutiny? Piracy? Or one of the ocean’s greatest ghost stories? That’s up to you! We all know of the mystery surrounding the Mary Celeste’s 1872 voyage, but how many of us can really guess what happened? For this first volume, we’d love to see your interpretations. Our advice: think outside the box. There’s only so many places those crew members could have gone… or is there something we haven’t considered?" Payment: $10. Deadline: June 13, 2022.

Extra Teeth. Genre: Short fiction and nonfiction between 800 and 4,000 words. "We look for short stories that stick with you, lingering in the memory long after reading, and essays that explore specific interests or issues from a new perspective. We offer a space for writers to be strange, bold and experimental, and to express their unique style however they see fit." Payment: £100. Deadline: June 14, 2022.

Plainsongs. Genre: Poetry. Payment: $50. Deadline: June 15, 2022.
Home Sweet Horror. Genre: Haunted houses, cursed dwellings, terrors close to home. Payment: Royalties. Deadline: June 15, 2022.
Midnight Echo. Restrictions: Open to Australians. Genre: Horror fiction, poetry, and non-fiction on horror-related subjects. Payment: AU$0.05/word for fiction. Deadline: June 15, 2022.

Medusa Tales. Genre: Speculative stories (sci-fi, fantasy, and horror) of human transformation and immobilization. Payment: 1 cent/word, $10 for reprints. Deadline: June 15, 2022. Accepts reprints.

The Four Faced Liar. Genre: Fiction and creative non-fiction (up to 4000 words); flash fiction (up to 1000 words); poetry (up to 3 pages); visual art (1 piece); translations. Payment: €200 for a short story or CNF piece, €100 for a poem or piece of flash, and €100 for visual art, as well as a copy of the magazine for each contributor. Deadline: June 15, 2022.

Bell Press Books. Genre: Poetry. Payment: $15 CAD, Deadline: June 15, 2022.

Bull City Press. Genre: Poetry, Fiction, Nonfiction Chapbooks. Payment: Royalties (?) Deadline: June 15, 2022.

Channel. Genre: Fiction, art, creative non-fiction, and poetry that engages with the natural world, and have a particular interest in work which encourages reflection on human interaction with plant and animal life, landscape and the self. Payment: €40/poem, and €40/page of prose up to €120. Deadline: June 15, 2022.

Fourteen Poems Genre: Poetry. "We want to represent all that's thrilling about the new wave of LGBT+ poets. If you’re a poet, even if you’ve never been published before, we want to read your work. Every issue we publish 14 of the best queer poems we’ve found, and we want to include you! We publish 4 times a year, but take submissions all year round. To be considered, email up to 5 poems, preferably in a pdf format, with a small paragraph about yourself to hello@14poems.com. Payment: £25 for each poem published. Deadline: June 15, 2022.

Eye to the Telescope. Genre: Speculative poetry. Payment: $0.03/word, up to $25. Deadline: June 15, 2022. See theme.

Grain Literary Magazine is a Canadian publication. Genres: Individual poems, sequences, or suites up to a maximum of 6 pages, fiction, literary nonfiction. Payment: CAD $50 per page up to CAD $250. Deadline: June 15, 2022.

White Enso. Genre: Original, unpublished short fiction, essays, creative non-fiction and artwork that encapsulates the Japan experience. Payment: Between 1000 and 1500 yen (US$10-$15). Deadline: June 15, 2022.

Dracula Beyond Stoker Magazine. Genre: "Stories with Dracula himself as the main focus. His name is on the cover of the book, but he’s not the star of the show. Let’s change that." Some poetry accepted. Payment: "Compensation will be monetary plus contributor’s copies." Deadline: June 15, 2022.

Kaleidoscoped. Genre: Poetry, prose, media. "We are particularly interested in experimental and hybrid work across all mediums: send us your fragments, your experiments, your photographs, your drawn, your multi, your undefinable, your sound, your memory, your written, your stuff of resistance." Payment: "Small sum." Deadline: June 15, 2022.

Archive of the Odd. Genre: Horror. Submissions must relate to the theme of monsters and also be non-traditional prose. Length: 500 to 8,000 words. Payment: $0.01/word for short stories chosen for the zine, and an even split of 50% of the royalties. Deadline: June 15, 2022.

Mythulu Magazine. Genre: Capture an adulthood dilemma so universal it transcends culture and time---then explain it so a child can understand. Payment: $0.06/word or $15/page. Non-fiction pays $0.08/word. Creative works earn $0.04/word, with short stories capped at $75. Deadline: June 16, 2022.

The Bureau Dispatch. Genre: For 2022, we're in the market for 15 to 20 short stories between 500 to 1,500 words. We want your best work. We want fiction that is compelling and beautifully-crafted; narratives that leave the reader breathless and changed. The kind of story that, when all is said and done, elicits a resounding "sh*t, yeah!" We are open to all narratives, but are currently partial to ones that explore the theme of epistolary stories and/or found things. Payment: $50. Deadline: June 17, 2022.

Flash Fiction Online. Genre: Speculative (science fiction, fantasy, slipstream, and horror) and literary fiction. Payment: $80. Deadline: June 21, 2022. Accept reprints.

Story Seed Vault. Genre: Fiction based on science. Up to 200 characters. Payment: Up to $3AUD per story. Deadline: June 24, 2022.
Black Ocean. Genre: Full-length poetry manuscripts, BIPOC poets only. Payment: Royalties. Deadline: June 24, 2022.

Monster. Genre: Original monster stories. Payment: 1 cent/word and royalties. Deadline: June 24, 2022.

Neon Hemlock. Genre: Speculative novellas by trans women writers and writers of color. Length: Up to 40,000 words. Payment: Royalties. Deadline: June 25, 2022.

Metaphysical Times. Genre: Pagan and metaphysical topics, including spirituality, religion, divination, witchcraft, and more. Payment: $0.05 USD per word up to 1200 words after editing. Deadline: June 29, 2022.
Allegory. Genre: Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror. Payment: $15. Deadline: June 30th, 2022.

Downstate Story. Genre: Short stories. Payment: $50. Deadline: June 30, 2022. Snail mail only.

Dancing Star Press. Genre: Speculative fiction novellas. Payment: Royalties. Deadline: June 30, 2022.

Willowherb. Restrictions: Open to writers of color. Genre: Previously unpublished non-fiction, fiction and poetry on nature, place, and environment. Payment: £250 for prose, £100 for poetry. Deadline: June 30, 2022.

LOLcraft: An Compendium of Eldritch Humor. Genre: Dark speculative humor. "Dark Speculative fiction which combine humor and something from the Cthulhu Mythos." Payment: $0.04/word. Deadline: June 30th, 2022. Open until filled.

Green Writers Press. Genres: Poetry, fiction, short story collections, environmental essay collections, middle-grade and YA/teen fiction, artwork, and photography. Green Writers Press is an independent, Vermont-based publishing company, is dedicated to spreading environmental awareness and social justice by publishing authors who promulgate messages of hope and renewal through place-based writing and environmental activism. Payment: Royalties. Deadline: June 30th, 2022.

Fairy Tale Review. Genre: Queer fairy tales written by queer writers. Poetry, art, drama, and prose. Payment: $50. Deadline: June 30th, 2022.
bath magg. Genre: Poetry. Payment: £20. Deadline: June 30, 2022.
VALRAVN. Genre: “Wyrd fiction” short stories (3,000 to 10,000 words). Horror, Espionage/Thriller, Science Fiction, Fantasy. Payment: $0.10 USD per word. Deadline: June 30, 2022.

Typehouse. Restrictions: In honor of Pride Month, no-fee submissions are open for all LGBTQIA2+/Queer creators, not limited to those in the US. Genre: Prose, poetry, art. Payment: $25. Deadline: June 30, 2022.

Haven Speculative. Genre: Speculative fiction and poetry. Payment: 1 cent/word for fiction and $5 - $10 for poetry. Deadline: June 30, 2022.
Mythic. Genre: Science fiction, fantasy short stories. Length: 2,000-5,000 words. Payment: 1 cent/word for original fiction, $25 for reprints. Deadline: June 30, 2022.

The Hudson Review. Genre: Fiction, poetry, essays, book reviews; criticism of literature, art, theatre, dance, film, and music; and articles on contemporary cultural developments. Payment: Not specified. Deadline: June 30th, 2022. (Poetry only)

Dragon Soul Press: Beautiful Darkness. Genre: "In a world where so many dark things go bump in the night, terror awaits around every corner as these authors take horror stories to the next level." Word Count – 5,000-15,000. Payment: Royalties. Deadline: June 30th, 2022.

Chestnut Review. Genre: Poetry, flash fiction, short fiction, creative nonfiction, essays, visual media (art/photography). Payment: $120. Deadline: June 30th, 2022. Submit early in the month to avoid submission fee.

Cast of Wonders. Genre: YA Speculative fiction. Podcast. Payment: $.08/word for original fiction of any length (yes, including flash!). For reprints, a $100 flat rate for Short Fiction, and a $20 flat rate for Flash Fiction. Deadline: June 30th, 2022. Limited Demographic: Young Authors (aged 19 or under at end of June).

Soldiers of the Old Ones. Genre: Lovecraftian horror tales of the people who fight for, sacrifice for, and work toward the takeover of the world by the Old Ones. Payment: $25. Deadline: June 30th, 2022, or until filled.

Kids Are Hell. Genre: Horror on theme: Children. 4K - 10K word count. Payment: $5. Deadline: June 30, 2022.

Rites of Passage: An Anthology of Queer Pagan Fiction. Genre: Fiction. This anthology will explore the theme of coming of age as a queer pagan. Payment: $25-$75. Deadline: June 30, 2022.

Strange Sunrises: Tales from Distant Planets. Genre: Science fiction stories that take place on another planet. Payment: $30USD. Deadline: June 30, 2022.

The Quarterly. Genre: Poetry, fiction, art, analysis. "Works with fantastical elements: scary, happy, creepy, heartbreaking, bizarre, hilarious, whatever." Payment: $5, Deadline: June 30, 2022. See themes.

New Gothic Review. Genre: Dark, gothic fiction. Word count: 1,500 – 5,000 words. Payment: $65. Deadline: June 30, 2022.

Chicken Soup for the Soul: Funny Stories. Genre: True stories. "Share your funny stories about something that happened to you in your life – in your relationship with a partner or spouse, a parent or child, a family member or friend, at work or at home – that made you and the people around you laugh out loud. Did you mean for it to be funny? Did the other person mean to make you laugh? Did a situation just get out of control? Did a misunderstanding turn into a comedy of errors?" Payment: $200. Deadline: June 30, 2022.

Air and Nothingness Press: The Librarian. Genre: Stories about one Librarian's adventures roving through the multiverse. Theme: "The Librarian travels the multiverse (along the timeline - past through the future - and across planetary systems and universes) helping out people, societies, and those in need, with their questions, problems, and research (as librarians do). Looking for positive, hopeful stories with positive endings, and narratives that celebrate librarians." Ideal story lengths are between 1000-3000 words. Payment: $0.08/word. Deadline: June 30, 2022.

Mud Season Review. Genre: Short stories, art, poetry, CNF. Payment: $50. Deadline: June 30th, 2022.

JULY 1-10, 2022

Les Petites Morts: An Anthology of Erotic Horror Inspired by Fairy Tales, Mythology & Folklore. Opens July 1. Deadline: TBA

Substantially Unlimited. Restrictions: Open to writers who identify as part of the disability community. Genre: Prose, up to 15 pages. Theme: Stigma. Payment: $15. Deadline: July 1, 2022. Reprints accepted.

The Cafe Irreal. Genre: Magical realism. 2,000 words max. Payment: 1 cent/word. Deadline: July 1, 2022.

Totally Entwined: Cupid's Academy. Genre: Novellas, 30,000 - 50,000 words. Theme: Enemies to lovers. LGBTQ focus. Payment: Royalties. Deadline: July 1, 2022.

The Twin Bill. Genre: Fiction, CNF, poetry, art about baseball. Payment: $10. Deadline: July 1, 2022.

Thema: The Crumpled Yellow Paper. Genre: Fiction, poetry, and art on theme: The Crumpled Yellow Paper. Payment: $10-$25 for short fiction and artwork, $10 for poetry. Deadline: July 1, 2022. Accepts reprints.

Horror Oasis: Darklit Press: The Sacrament. Genre: Religious Horror. Payment: $0.01 per word for new stories and/or $25 for reprints. Deadline: July 1, 2022. Accepts reprints.

It Came From the Trailer Park: Volume 2. Genre: Horror. Theme: Horror Comedy / Creature Feature. Payment: Royalties. Deadline: July 1, 2022.

Eerie River. Genre: Folk Horror. Word count: 1500 - 7000 firm. Payment: ¢1 per word CAD. Deadline: Deadline: July 1, 2022.

Alien Magazine. Genre: All types of fiction, nonfiction, poetry and visual art. Payment: $20. Deadline: July 1, 2022.

Unsettling Reads: Still of Winter. Genre: Horror, fantasy, scifi stories, poems, art. "Stories that unsettle, unnerve, frighten, discomfit, challenge, and/or just generally entertain on theme of Winter." Payment: $20. Deadline: July 1, 2022.

Havok. Genre: Flash fiction on Theme of PRIDE / HUMILITY. Payment: $10 via PayPal for each story published in an Anthology. Deadline: July 3, 2022.

Enchanted Conversation: A Fairy Tale Magazine. Genre: Fairy tales, and essays on theme of “Weather.” Payment: $100. US dollars only. Essays: $50. Deadline: July 3, 2022.

Luna Press. Genre: Speculative fiction novels. Theme: Horror/gothic/folk horror, dark fantasy novel set in a haunted location (by 'location' we mean a dwelling, an institution, a hotel, a factory, a ship/ferry, a train - in short a building/structure where people have lived, worked, died, grew up, etc.) Payment: Royalties. Deadline: July 3, 2022.

Mslexia. Genre: Fiction, poetry, nonfiction by women. Payment: £25. Deadline: July 4, 2022.

Cossmass Infinities. Restrictions: Open to Black, Asian, Latin, LGBTQ+ and other under-represented authors. Genre: Science fiction and fantasy short stories. Payment: $0.08/word for original fiction. Deadline: July 7, 2022.

Scum. Genre: Feminist-friendly work of any variety, but as a general rule your piece should be under 2000 words (50 lines for poetry, max. 3 poems) and able to be classified as “fiction”, “culture”, “memoir”, “column”, “poetry”, and/or “review”. Payment: $60 AUD. Deadline: July 7, 2022. Opens to submissions on July 1.

Fantasy Magazine. Genre: Fantasy short stories, flash fiction, poetry. Payment: 8 cents per word; $40 per poem. Deadline: July 7, 2022. Opens to submissions on July 1.

The Fantastic Other. Genre: Mainstream and surrealist short fiction, flash fiction, poetry, and art. Payment: $5. Deadline: July 10, 2022.

Fall Into Fantasy. Genre: Fantasy. Payment: $15. Deadline: July 10, 2022.

* Please let us know if you receive publication success via any of these calls.

Thanks for reading. See you soon!

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