Pamela Brothers Denyes

Pamela’s poems have been published in the Virginia Bards Central Review, Virginia Writers Club Journal, Wingless Dreamer, Poetry Society of Virginia Journal, Vallum, Barstow & Grand and in several volumes of international collections published by The Poet Magazine. Her chapbook, “Renewal" received an Honorable Mention in a 2020 National Poetry Writing Month Contest. In 2019 Pamela won the Hampton Roads Writers Conference Poetry Contest with her poem “Mrs. Creekmore’s May Peas,” about the mass shooting in Virginia Beach.

Pamela's career-based writing included contracted nonfiction, instructional design and manuals, developmental and copy editing, and online/print writing for her regional newspaper and internet gateway. Now retired, she's harvesting 40 years of poetry, journals and travelogues to create new works—and fun!