Virginia O'Keefe

Virginia O’Keefe received her Ph.D. from New York University in English Education. After a career of teaching English to hundreds of students, she was a consultant in poetry writing to Virginia Beach Public Schools. Her two non-fiction books, Speaking to Think/Thinking to Speak and Developing Critical Thinking contain activities to teach poetry in the classroom. Her poetry has received awards and has been published in Virginia Adversaria, The Powhatan Review, Visions Magazine, The Poet’s Domain, and Regina Weese Magazine.

Virginia's interest in the link between thinking and talk began in the classroom and developed more fully in the New York University graduate program at Oxford, England, where she studied under James Briton, Margaret Meek, John Dixon, and other language arts innovators.

She is a former associate editor of the Speech Communication Teacher, has served as the K-12 chair for two national organizations, has written and evaluated items for the Educational Testing Service National Teacher Examination, and has presented at more than thirty national and regional conferences on the value of speaking for thinking.

To read some of Virginia's poetry, click here

In June 2007, Virginia authored an article in Tidewater Women (pg 14). The essay was picked up recently by the Lung Cancer Alliance. Click here to read the pdf version of the article, "Running for Life."

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