Vikki Lynn Smith

Vikki Lynn Smith is a retired teacher, mother, and spouse of a career military officer. Having lived an adventurous life as a military child and wife, with thirty-eight homes in three countries, she has stories to tell. Her first book series, In the Woods, was written for her students, and chronicles her escapades with her golden retriever. She has written stories of her life in Alaska, Hawaii, Florida, and Virginia, to name a few.

Inspired to write at an early age, she grew to love story telling and began writing for her own children Tanner and Samantha. Vikki Lynn Smith lives with her husband, Keith, and her two golden retrievers, Brandy and Summer on the shores of Virginia.

Vikki Lynn Smith is the author of VikkiLynnSmith: The Quirky Writings of a Woman in Transition, Advice from a Modern Woman, and Advice from a Teacher. She is a member of the SCBWI, AWAI, HRW organizations and the Williamsburg Writing Group.

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