Valerie Wilkinson

  • Valerie is the Co-author of Whispers from Our Soul: The Voice of Tahkamenon

  • Whispers from Our Soul: The Voice of Tahkamenon

    Valerie Wilkinson
    ISBN: 1571741380, Paperback - 13.95 BUY

    Valerie Wilkinson and Russell Reed never intended to write a book. But the messages they received from an entity named Tahkamenon made it impossible not to. Whispers From Our Soul: The Voice Of Tahkamenon is both an account of Tahkamenon's very powerful message, and the effects it had on the authors. Wilkinson, a CPA, is the president of a multi-million dollar health care company. Her job often requires political lobbying. Reed is also firmly grounded in the business world, currently operating his own successful consulting business. Tahkamenon contacted him while he was still a child. After Wilkinson told Reed about a "visit" from her recently-deceased father-in-law, he confided in her about Tahkamenon. Shortly after that, Tahkamenon established contact with Wilkinson. Reed "hears" Tahkamenon, while Wilkinson is inspired to record his messages in the written word.

    An At Large member of the executive board of the Hampton Roads Writers, Valerie lives in Virginia Beach where she balances her time between family, work, and writing. She earned her MFA at ODU in May 2013.

    She was a quarterly contributor to Moondance Magazine. She has written speeches for state and national politicians and has ghostwritten communications for business leaders, regional and international charities, and political leaders. She is currently completing her second collaboration Mafia Madness: My Life under Siege. Publications Include:

  • February 2013-- Yemassee Journal, (PRINT) for her short story "Rattlesnake Ridge," which was selected as the third place winner in their William Richie Short Fiction Contest.

  • June 2009--Moondance Magazine

  • March 2009-- Moondance Magazine

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