Sandra Julian Barker

Sandra lives in Chesapeake and is the happy grandmother of six beautiful grandkids (oh, yes - and three wonderful children as well). She’s an advocate of the old saying, “I’m too young to be this old.” In the not so distant past, she did freelance work for the Virginian-Pilot and other local publications, writing over 300 newspaper articles – “The fun part was interviewing so many interesting people.” She also has a piece in the best-selling Chicken Soup for the Mother’s Soul, and a number of various national magazines.

Sandra spent many years seeking publication of her manuscripts through traditional publishing houses with no success. When she discovered Createspace and the ability to publish her own books, a whole new world opened. In 2013, she published her first novel, Ivory & Ice, which she had written 15 years earlier. Four more fictional works had been written in that earlier time period, all of which have now been nicely polished and happily published.

Since that time, Sandra has written and published two inspirational Christian books, and a children’s book, illustrated with her own photography. She has two new inspirational works in progress, in addition to polishing up the very first novel she wrote, “Island Charm.”

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Ivory & Ice tells the story of Jaen – a young woman who lived 6,000 years ago in Austria. Alternating chapters also tell the story of Beth – a present day anthropologist. Their personal struggles run a parallel course throughout the book and come to a surprising climax on a snowy mountain in Austria. The book has a subtle Christian message about human nature and how little people have changed over the centuries.

The Frenchman is a story loosely based on Sandra’s ancestor, Rene de St. Julien, a French Huguenot who lived during the time of Louis XIV and fled his native France in 1685 during the Protestant persecution. The book is full of adventure, peril, heartbreak, love, and redemption.

The Stuff of Nightmares is a collection of twelve short stories that range from classic horror to scary in a this-could-really-happy sort of way.

Deadly Masquerade is a suspense novel with two main female characters, one of which has a very dangerous ulterior motive that pulls them both into a spiral of danger. Characters live in Norfolk, Virginia Beach and Richmond, with some familiar locations involved.

The Formula is a suspense novel featuring a young woman who is seeking the truth surrounding her sister’s seemingly accidental death. She discovers dark, deadly secrets that could end up destroying her as well.

Joy in the Journey – a Traveler’s Tale with a Twist features color photography by the author in every chapter. It is an inspiring adventure through God’s world which encourages the reader to experience joy along the way.

Ordinary Women – Extraordinary God contains stories of 14 ordinary women who have gone through various degrees of difficulty or tragedy, in addition to a number of stories about women in the Bible. We learn how these women came through their trial with praise to God in their hearts. The book is brimming with inspiration and encouragement.

A Trip to the Zoo is a delightful book that features color pictures from six zoos around the country. The pages contain interesting facts about animals, but also turns it around and asks the child questions about themselves that relate to the animal facts. Children and adults both enjoy this book.

The House is a novelette only available in ebook format. It’s a bit of a horror story and has been known to cause a bad dream or two.

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