Sally Parrott, who writes as Jayne Ormerod

Jayne Ormerod is the original Ghostbuster. Raised in a 200-year-old farmhouse that once served as a brothel, Jayne’s imagination had herself and others convicted of the presence of restless spirits. The experiences taught her how to spin a really good story, which was a useless talent in her career as an accountant. She married a naval officer, and after fifteen moves in conjunction with his career, decided she needed a more transportable (and emotionally satisfying) vocation, so turned to writing. Jayne measures her success not only in publication but also by the euphoric feeling at the end of a really good day of writing.

Jayne’s publishing credits include:
  • The Blond Leading the Blond

  • What do a third-grade science teacher and a small-town socialite know about tracking down a killer? It’s what they don’t’ know that gets them in trouble.

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  • Blond Faith, A Blonds at the Beach Mystery

  • The sound of gunshot has Ellery Tinsdale running for her life, while Samantha “Sam” Greene races to offer assistance. Chaos ensues as the two team up to find out who pulled the trigger that killed the reverend.

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  • Behind the Blue Door: 230 Periwinkle Place

  • When Skye Whitmore is shown a picture of a house she lived in as a child, she realizes old memories never die, they lurk…Behind the Blue Door.

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  • "Best Friends Help you Move the Body”, a short mystery in the Virginia is for Mysteries anthology

  • Playing hooky from work lands two best friends in trouble when their day of sightseeing has them discovering only one thing…a dead body.

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  • “The Tide Also Rises,” a short mystery in the Chesapeake Crimes 3 anthology

  • A stay at a friend's house is not quite the get-away a young woman hoped for when she discovers a dead body and gets involved in finding the killer.

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    In addition to membership in HRW, Jayne is associated with other writing groups to include: Mystery by the Sea and its parent organization, Sisters in Crime; Chesapeake Romance Writers; and East Beach Writers Guild.

    You can read more about Jayne (like why she writes under a nom de plume) and her books by visiting her website, Jayne also blogs about beach life at

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