Reginald Buchanan

Reginald Buchanan is a murder mystery novelist in Virginia Beach, VA. He has self-published 4 novels (including a revised Killer Postman novel). He is currently working on 2 more novels. He plans to incorporate all of his short stories into a novel.

Reginald hired Casting Life Films to produce a movie trailer for his Killer Postman novel. He is trying to bring attention to this movie trailer in hopes of making a movie out of it. His goal is to have a movie production agency finance and produce it. He has provided a link for to the trailer below and would appreciate if you would leave a review of it.

The Killer Postman is a funny, exciting, spooky, shocking, and suspenseful dark novel (comedy). Itís a about a series of murders and kidnappings being perpetrated by two serial killers: a letter carrier (mailman) and a transvestite. It delves into the funny, unpredictable, chaotic, and sometimes dangerous job of the United States Postal Service. The climatic ending involves a showdown between the two serial killers. Additionally, it has an alternate ending. This is a complex thriller that is somewhat similar to The Killer, Pulp Fiction, and Cheap Thrills.

Website: Watch the trailer of The Killer Postman. and then leave a comment about it.

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