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Here's your scenario:

A woman is packing a suitcase in the middle of the night. This is where your story begins - your hook. Now, where will it go? Who is she? What has happened? Why is she packing? What is her desire? This desire forms the arc of the story.

Where is she going and why? What will be the inciting incident? (The event which triggers a huge change in her life, a movement in a new direction) Has it already happened? Or might it lie ahead?

Think of something very unusual (inciting incident) that will happen to her once she leaves her house. Where will that lead her? What will the blackest moment of the story be? What obstacles will she face?

These are simply a few questions to get you thinking ahead...

Now, plunge in and write the packing scene...allow yourself at least 30 minutes to begin the process of writing this scene. If you like, use a character from your work in progress.


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