Phyllis Johnson

Phyllis C. Johnson is an artist, author, poet and sometimes actress living in Virginia with her husband. One of her favorite books she’s written is Being Frank with Anne, a poetic interpretation of Anne Frank’s diary. It’s been an interesting journey with that one. She even has a copy with Miep Gies’ signature in It and it was reviewed by Buddy Elias, Anne’s first cousin. The co-author of the suspense novel inkBLOT, (with Nancy Naigle under the pen name Johnson Naigle) Phyllis likes quirky things such as inkblot survey tests. She has a book of monologues, JUST ME, 100 Monologues for Teens, that was published in March, 2013 by Meriwether Publishing. Monologues from the book have been performed by the drama department at numerous schools.

She fell in love with magazines at a young age. Hanging from a neighbor’s hammock, sipping on apple cider, she’d spend hours looking through Time and Life magazines. As a result, she now writes for magazines (such as Woman’s World) and various newspapers.

Her other books are Hot and Bothered by It, Twelve is for More than Doughnuts, and Poetic Dreamer. She has an e-book out titled Hall Pass, which is a collection of funny stories from the halls of high school. She’s written romantic comedy under a pen name as well. Her creative experience has also included acting. The strangest acting experience she ever had was on 06/06/06 (666) in an episode called Possessed Investigator. How odd is that?

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Being Frank with Anne

Phyllis Johnson

Being Frank With Anne

Phyllis Johnson
ISBN: 0979087821, Paperback - $14.99 BUY

Before the Holocaust, Anne Frank lived her life as a normal teenager. She had a good life full of parties, tennis, bike riding, beaus and trips to the ice cream shop. Anne's world turned upside down when her family and a variety of personalities were confined to the Secret Annex during the Holocaust. While confined, Anne found comfort and hope through 'Kitty,' her personal diary. Being Frank With Anne is a reflection on the entries in Anne Frank's diary, bringing us all to the core of her emotions and thoughts as her world changed, forever. Let this interpretation of Anne's diary bring a deeper understanding of her world as she lived hidden from view.

Hot and Bothered By It

Phyllis Johnson
ISBN: 0979087813, Paperback - $13.25 BUY

Do you suffer from Oreoporosis? Is there an instant Mess-age at your house when you go away? Is a period just punctuation found in your romance novels while you fan yourself? If you can relate to any of these circumstances, you may be going through a midlife chrysalis. If you find yourself with a group of women playing such games as the "Millionaire Purse Game," wearing red and purple together and eating chocolate until you pass out, then this book is for you. HOT AND BOTHERED BY IT contains fifty poems celebrating the midlife experience for women. This book is the perfect companion for entertaining you and your friends at your next night out. This book is also GREAT for your reading group!

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