Dr. Milt Saunders

Hi, Iím Milt Saunders and I am a writer!

I'm happily addicted to what we all realize is the toughest, most unforgiving, demanding, and totally rewarding, fulfilling and joy filled endeavor that most of us have ever undertaken.

I've met a lot of you already and I sense from your enthusiastic, creative professionalism and the quality of your works, that you feel the same. Hampton Roads Writers has made it possible for me to tap into a lot of the creative writing energies that you all radiate. Sharing with each other, the results of our struggles, teaches us how to hone our skills, seeking the sharp edge of perfection, however elusive it may be.

I thank those of you who have already helped me to improve my writing and I look forward to continued camaraderie with all in our community of writers.

Now, a little bit about my writing:

I wrote my first novel in 1956. It was about a blind jazz musician and was called "Debt of Darkness". I thought it was the greatest story ever written and couldn't understand why no publisher wanted anything to do with it. I wasn't yet "seasoned" enough to accept rejection, go back to the typewriter and rewrite it. I hadn't yet learned that good writing is all about rewriting. Here I am, more than half a century later, with no published or produced works. That is about to change!

My chosen fiction genre is: Thriller. My whole life has been a series of thrills; both positive and negative. I am a retired physician with a colorful background in medicine and special intelligence of several types. Therefore you will not be surprised that my spy and medical thrillers are focused upon what I know best.

Yes, I've learned to accept constructive criticism and act on it to improve my writing. However, with six screenplays and two novels "in process" and none of them finished I still have some very important learning to do! I've got to learn to finish what I start! I've got to be self disciplined enough to set aside a certain number of hours every day and "go to work" at my computer. In other words, Iíve got to learn to treat it like a job. But it's so much fun! How can anyone think of it as a job! I'm 77 years old and I've only got so much time to create that Blockbuster novel or screenplay (or series of the same) that will be my writing legacy.

Please click over to my website, www.TargetNovelandScreenwriting.com . See you there. If you've ever thought about collaboration, we might explore that possibility for our mutual benefit.

If you want to look me up at meetings or the Annual Conference, you shouldn't have any trouble. I'm the guy with the white ball cap that reads: Target Novel and Screenwriting.com.†I look forward to meeting you.

Creatively yours,
Dr. Milt Saunders

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