Midori Bamba

The Three Survivors by Midori Bamba

Midori Bamba
ISBN: 0741438216, Paperback - $14.95 BUY

The Three Survivors chronicles the fictionalized retelling of one of the most arduous passages in history. After a massive storm in 1832, three men are stranded at sea on their broken ship for over four hundred days and hope for just two things-to survive their ordeal and to find safe passage home to Japan.

Left in the middle of the sea with not much else to eat but rice, teenage boys Kenta and Kyu, and their older, spiritually strong helmsman, Iwa, are tossed from one ordeal to the next. As they travel from Japan to Vancouver to "Slave Island" and Macao, the three Japanese sailors battle not only the unpredictable elements, but also their failing spirits, slavery, and their own government officials. Sustained by eating seaweed and shellfish that miraculously adheres to the side of their ship, the three men soon realize that finding their way back home proves to be a more difficult and dangerous journey than any of them ever expected.

In this realistic seafaring saga that will engage history fans and adventure buffs alike, three brave sailors will come full circle and face their final fate.

Midori Bamba has published thirty articles in several magazines, books and the Virginian-Pilot newspaper. She is a member of Virginia Beach Writers, Hampton Roads Writers and James River Writers. She is a semi-retired registered dental hygienist; she currently lives in Virginia Beach, VA.

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