Mart Powell

M.W. Powell is from Kentucky and is new to the Hampton Roads area. He crafts various genres of fiction and non-fiction works. He grew up in southeastern Kentucky and served in the U.S. Army at various world-wide locations. These facets provide him with unique experiences and intimate point of views that he harnesses into his writing. He is the author of Mi>Blind Running.

BLIND RUNNING follows the journey of Travis McQueen searching for a new beginning and peace of mind in a changed homeland that he left years earlier. After being discharged from the Army with a pocket full of medals and a bum arm earned in the mountains of Afghanistan, he returns to his hometown of Croxton, in rural Appalachia Kentucky. As he reconnects with himself, friends, family, and a past love interest, the harsh realities of murder, drugs, and corruption is realized. Dangers similar to the ones that he left in the war zone are right in his hometown.

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