Maria Hudgins

Maria Hudgins lives in Hampton and is the author of the Dotsy Lamb Travel Mysteries. They may be purchased at online bookstores or ordered by request at your local bookstore.


cover of Death on the Aegean Queen Death on the Aegean Queen

Published by Five Star
ISBN: 1594148627

The third book in this series, Death on the Aegean Queen , takes place on a cruise ship in the Greek Islands, where an American tourist disappears leaving nothing but a bloody deck behind. Dotsy is joined in this story by Marco Quattrocchi, the Carabinieri captain from Death of an Obnoxious Tourist. As the ship drops anchor in Mykonos, Rhodes, Crete, and Santorini, the mystery widens to include a murdered photographer, stolen ancient artifacts, and a dancer with a double life.

Dotsy, determined to finally get to relax, of course, doesn't. What would the story be like if she did? Interested in archeology, the theme of the cruise ship, Dotsy befriends famous lecturer Dr. Luc Girard. The two of them, along with several other plot characters, discover the antiquities displayed on the ship have been stolen from museums or smuggled from the country of origin. To top that off, two murders occur - one being a car salesman from Indiana, and the other being the ship's photographer. As the mystery winds and unwinds, many surprises are unveiled and in the end the murders are solved. The question is - Are the lootings and the murders related? And, who dun it? Or, was there really a murder?

cover of Death of an Obnoxious Tourist Death of an Obnoxious Tourist

Published by Five Star/Thomson Gale
ISBN: 1-59414-467-2

Available on Kindle for $3.99

Dotsy Lamb, history professor and recently divorced empty nester, and her friend Lettie, are on a group tour of Italy when a singularly obnoxious woman, traveling with her two younger sisters, is murdered in her Florence hotel room.

Dotsy enlists the aid of the scatty but observant Lettie, and hooks up with Marco Quattrocchi, the attractive carabinieri captain in charge of the investigation. The killer might have been a member of their tour group, or a Gypsy camped nearby, or one of four people Dotsy had met since her arrival. There are motives galore. The murdered tourist has insulted practically everyone in the tour group, her two sisters are left with a nice inheritance, and she may have had a drug connection to the fiance of the tour guide. Then, while visiting the Piazzale Michelangelo, a member of the tour group falls over a balustrade. It appears to be an accident, but Dotsy believes it's another murder, and she sets out to prove it. Because, if she doesn't find the missing threads to a complex tapestry of deceit and corruption, the next dead tourist's body could be her own.

cover of Death of a Lovable Geek Death of a Lovable Geek

May, 2008
Five Star/Cengage

ISBN 13: 978-1-59414-641-1
Large Print Edition: Thorndike Press
ISBN 13: 978-1-4104-0989-8
Available on Kindle for $3.99

The body of young Froggy Quale lies, covered by a blue tarp, in the pasture behind Castle Dunlaggan in the Scottish Highlands. Froggy was the on-site pollen and spore expert at the nearby archaeological dig and a graduate student who doesn’t seem to have had an enemy in the world.

Dotsy Lamb, medieval history teacher from Virginia, and her friend Lettie are boarding at the castle while Dotsy works at the dig and Lettie researches her Scottish ancestors.

Suspicion for Froggy’s murder falls on his roommate, Van Nguyen, a graduate student from America and the dig’s media man. Dotsy has become fond of both Froggy and Van and is sure Van can’t be the killer.

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