Malcom Massey


The Martin Culver Series (Action Adventure Fiction):
BOOK 5 in the series
  • The Sword of Stonehenge Sword of Stonehenge cover

  • Book Description:All paths lead to London when an ancient sword of mysterious origin is discovered beneath Stonehenge. Legends come to life and history is re-written as the International Antiquities Foundation, formed to protect archaeological treasures world-wide, goes into action. An artifact smuggling operation is unearthed based in the Middle East, a network that converts smuggling profits into high-tech weapons of war. Danger mounts as former government agents leading the smugglers prove that they will stop at nothing to turn back world history 1,000 years! Will the unearthing of this conspiracy bring its unspeakable plan to an end, or will the IAF lose everything, and everyone, before all is said and done?

  • Holiday in Havanapicture
of holiday in Havana Cover

  • The Lost Ark of the Incas picture
of The Lost Ark of the Incas cover

  • The Lost Calendar of the Maya picture
of The Lost calendar of the Maya cover

  • The Golden Treasure of Panama picture
of The Golden Treasure of Panama

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  • Writing Community Involvement:
  • Facilitated a Traveling Pen Workshop entitled Self-Publishing in Today's Market on April 27, 2013, at the Virginia Beach campus of Tidewater Community College.

  • Facilitated "Getting Published" Seminars at Merida English Library, part of MELL Lecture Series and in Progreso, Yucatan at the Centro de Idiomas/Language Center (CIEP)

  • 2011-2012 Member and Volunteer, Merida English Library, Merida Yucatan

  • Personal:
    Born December 21, 1955 at the Annapolis Naval Hospital in Annapolis, Maryland. Raised in Norfolk, Virginia, attended Norfolk Christian High, graduated from Maury High School. Graduated from Old Dominion University, Bachelors Degree in Business Administration, May 1978.

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