Leigh Anne Lagoe, who writes as Red Lagoe

Red Lagoe quit the nine-to-five in the veterinary field in 2011, and began pursuing her life-long love of the imaginary through writing. She self-published the children's picture book Drips under her given name, Leigh Anne Lagoe in 2012.

Since then, she has been experimenting with a variety of genres, but is falling for horror, thriller, and a little sci-fi. As an amateur astronomer, she has a tendency to work her love of the night sky into her writing whenever she can.

Her short story "The Astronomer's Mistress" will be published in the March 2017 issue of , and her story "Helping Hands Retreat" placed 3rd in Toasted Cheese Literary Journal's 2017 Dead of Winter Contest. "Developing on the Line of Scrimmage" has been accepted for online publication in April 2017 by Flash Fiction Magazine.

Red's non-fiction articles have been published in the Astronomical League's Reflector Magazine.

Visit Leigh Anne's website: https://leighannelagoe.wordpress.com/



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