Karl Bogott

Karl Bogott is, truly, a 'Baby Boomer'; a child of the fifties and sixties. Born in Modesto, California he, his mother and brother followed his dad, a WWII veteran, back and forth across the country, in pursuit of the 'American Dream'. He's lived in Ohio, New Mexico and Colorado, where he went on active duty as a U.S. Navy enlisted sailor. He served an ocean-going tug, and in Midway Island. He reentered the Navy after college, as a commissioned officer, in 1977, serving in three ships and three shore stations before retiring in 1995, as a Commander in the Navy Supply Corps. Married 45 years with two children and three grandchildren, he and his wife, Linda, now reside in Virginia Beach, VA.

He's never been shy about traveling to 'far away places'. He has hiked to the bottom of the Grand Canyon and to the top of St. Peters in Rome, along with Macchu Picchu, in Peru, and sailing Cape Horn, the Suez Canal and the Panama Canal. He's a 'Golden Shellback', having crossed the Equator at the Prime Meridian. He's dined in a Roman Castle and sipped wine in a small French village.

He's never shy to ask 'why' and to seek unique solutions to lingering problems. He loves to cook, to read, to learn and to work in wood.

He's published two books to date:
His first, We The People, is the story of a most unlikely group hired to write a new Constitution for the nation.

His second novel, The Old Lady of Elm Street is due out in June of 2017. The story is about the renovation of a 1905 Victorian home and about the family that called it home. If only walls could talk.

Learn more about his books and read more of his writings at his website

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