James Boyd

As a young man growing up in Chicago, James found that reading held more fascination than sports for him. He was known as a “bookworm”, and absorbed the world that books presented to him. In the sixth grade, he took the Strong’s Vocational Interest Test. Curiously, it indicated that he should consider becoming a writer. Graduation from high school led to entrance into college- he decided to pursue a degree in Architecture. He understood that a career in writing would be less than financially rewarding, especially in the beginning. He began writing poetry in 1975 to express the frustrations of living in the urban life of the 1960’s. While in a course for creative writing, he wrote a short story that was published in the Garland Court Review. His letter informing him of the successful acceptance of his literary work was quickly followed by a different letter from Uncle Sam – he had also been accepted for military service. He rose quickly through the ranks, completed a master’s degree, and retired as a commissioned naval officer after 21 years. He continued to serve, with a second career as a health care executive for the Commonwealth of Virginia – retiring with 19 years of service.

Still serving today, James is an ordained minister and Director of a local bible college. He has written hundreds of sermons, ministry training classes, and monthly prayer focus guidelines for a national prayer ministry. Now, in his “third career”, James intends to sharpen his writing skills to bless others, and to complete his childhood passion to write.

  • American Academy of Medical Administrators

  • Lifetime Fellow and Diplomate in Healthcare Administration

  • Toastmasters International

  • Advanced Communication Bronze and Advanced Leader Bronze

  • Publications
  • Special Forces Christians Training Workbook--This workbook is to be used in conjunction with the book "Special Forces Christians: The Rise of Militant Faith" to strengthen the skills of Spiritual Warriors in the daily exercise of their assigned duties against the enemy - Satan.

    It is available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Xulon Press, and Apple iBooks.

  • Special Forces Christians: The Rise of Militant Faith--James' first novel.

    It is available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Xulon Press, and Apple iBooks.

  • Garland Court Review, Chicago, Illinois : “The Old Man and the Bus Driver” 1969 Short story

  • AAMA Executive Fall 2003, Chicago, Illinois: “Public Health: The Next Battlefield”

  • Garland Court Review, Chicago, Illinois: “Aging Warrior” – poem 2013

  • Garland Court Review, Chicago, Illinois: “Seven Years” – poem 2015

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