Eve Turner

In the mid to late 1970s, Eve Turner began searching for answers to the inner longing which could only be sated by The ALMIGHTY ELOHIM. The journey started out topsy-turvy with many twists and turns. For years she was immersed in learning Biblical principles and gleaned from inspirational teachers, giving her steadfast faith and intense yearning for truth. Being ordained a licensed minister and evangelist, subsequently, she was inspired to come out of the religious sects of the world system; to repent and become a citizen of The Kingdom of ALMIGHTY GOD; to love The MOST HIGH with all her mind, being and strength; to believe on Messiah YAHSHUA; to obey The Commandments and statutes; and to love others as herself. She took heed to the warning not to go to the religious institutions of the world system for spiritual education, wisdom and understanding. Instead, The Holy Spirit of Truth would be the Instructor through faithful servants who would rightly interpret the Holy Scriptures as written. It is Eve’s delight to do the will of The MOST HIGH. She has been married for thirty-eight plus years, has a son, daughter, daughter-in-law, six grandchildren, one godson, and two goddaughters.

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