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Marjory J. Taylor

She wrote under the name

Marjory J. Taylor (emjay) was born in Grosse Isle, Michigan and, at two years of age, returned with her family to ancestral territory in eastern Massachusetts --Yankee-land--where she lived for sixty-five years before moving to Virginia. In 2011, emjay returned to Massachusetts, where she eventually passed away in an assisted living facility.

A widow with two sons, their beautiful wives, and three adult grandchildren, emjay did not have a social security number until she was sixty-five and was required to get one or forfeit senior citizen benefits. She became an active volunteer for many organizations at the age of sixteen and continued on in that tradition well into her nineties. During her last years, emjay spent two mornings a week in a neighborhood school working with first graders. At the same time, she also took writing, line dancing, and computer classes and attended meetings of the Virginia Beach Writers, The Hampton Roads Writers, and the Atlantic Shores Writers.

Emjay's writing consisted of memoirs, family history, and short stories for pleasure and to share with family and friends. Visitors could always expect to find a jumble of papers on her desk, half-finished stories in her computer, and a warm smile of welcome.

Our beloved emjay will be missed by all who knew her. May she rest in peace.

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