Ed DeLong

Edgar E. DeLong retired from the U.S. Navy in 1969 after 26 years of service. He entered the navy during World War II as a 15 year old who lied about his age to help in the war and participated in the battles of Iwo Jima and Okinawa. After wars end he attended the A-Bomb tests at Bikini Atoll. He left the navy to become a radio officer in the merchant marine then reenlisted in 1947.

He was promoted through all enlisted grades, Warrant Officer and Commissioned officer, retiring in 1969 as a Lieutenant Commander when he was Director of the Navy Guided Missiles School in Dam Neck VA. He served on numerous ships and stations throughout the world. He retired from several computer companies after his military service and currently is a freelance writer living in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

  • Ed is a World War II Honoree:

  • Ed is the author of NAVY MUSTANG

  • Navy Mustang: From Seaman to Officer, a Quarter Century in the United States Navy

    Ed Delong
    ISBN: 0595477372, Paperback - 18.85 BUY

    When fifteen-year-old Edgar DeLong convinced his family to let him join the United States Navy in 1944, he didn't know what his future would bring. In Navy Mustang, DeLong details what his adventure-filled life is like from the day he enlists to when he retires twenty-six years later, including earning the designation of United States Navy Mustang.

    In addition to HRW, Ed is a member of:
  • Board of Governors of the Virginia Writers club

  • Past president/Secretary Treasurer of Virginia Beach Writers

  • Thalia Lions Club (Twice Past president)

  • Lions Clubs International

  • Virginia Beach City Historical Review Board

  • Retired Officers Association of America (Life Member)

  • Veterans of Underage Military Service

  • United States Navy Mustang Association

  • Writing Awards:
  • March 2010-- 2nd place in the CNU nonfiction contest--for his essay "Remember Haiti as it Was"

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