Drew Nickell

A native of Richmond, Virginia who earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Communications-Journalism at James Madison University in 1981, Drew Nickell has enjoyed writing since the age of fourteen, thanks to the encouragement he received from his seventh-grade English teacher. His editorials and feature articles have appeared in The Washington Post, The Richmond Times Dispatch, the (now defunct) Richmond News Leader, The Baltimore Sun, The Hill's Congress Blog, collegiate newspapers and many online media pages, as well. His book, Bending Your Ear- a Collection of Essays on the Issues of Our Times, is due for release by Koehler Books, c. 15 August 2016. Follow Drew on his blogsite, http://www.drewnickell.comŽ, which has been read in fifty-five countries, on six continents, and has attracted more than 3,100 subscribers in its first six months since its inception. Most of the essays appearing on his blog site deal with political commentary, social commentary and, occasionally, sports.

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