Dr. C. Thomas Somma

“Dr. C. Thomas Somma, an Associate Professor of Medical Technology at Old Dominion University for the past 34 years, is also a retiree of the Virginia Beach Auxiliary Police, serving over 28 years, with the last five in the motorcycle division. He is an avid student of Muay Thai kickboxing, a marathon runner, and competitor in Latin ballroom dancing. With several research publications in the area of Exercise Physiology, he has published two works of fiction: a collection of short stories entitled, Requiem in November 2009, and in January of 2011, a novel of World War II in the Pacific told from the viewpoint of a Japanese mid-wife entitled, Midori and the 1000 Stitch Belt, which he is currently adapting into a screenplay. Both books and their eBooks are available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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