Confirmed Registrants as of Sept 19, 2012

16 pitching spots remain with Molly Jaffa
14 pitching spots remain with Rachael Dugas
12 pitching spots remain with Brooks Sherman

Regina Abbott--Pitching w/Dugas--SAT, Sept 22, 11:27-11:37 PM

Amanda Aksel--Pitching w/Dugas--FRI, Sept 21, 2:29-2:39 PM

Michell Allen--Pitching w/Sherman--FRI, Sept 21, 11:53 AM - 12:03 PM

Anita Alphin--Pitching w/Sherman--FRI, Sept 21, 10:35-10:45 AM

Jeff Andrews

Karen Armstrong

Midori Bamba--Pitching w/Dugas--FRI, Sept 21, 11:45-11:55 AM

Suzanna Banwell--Pitching w/Sherman--SAT, Sept 22, 11:53-12:03 PM

Marty Basden

Barbara Begault

Hilary Benoit--Pitching w/Dugas--FRI, Sept 21, 11:58 AM-12:08 PM

Sham Bevel--Pitching w/Dugas--SAT, Sept 22, 10:35-10:45 AM

Beth Blake-Davis

Nancy Blumenberg

Stephanie Brannick

Barbara Brebrick--Pitching w/Dugas--FRI, Sept 21, 3:39-3:49 PM

Kay Brownlow

Rita Budrionis--Pitching w/Jaffa--FRI, Sept 21, 10:35-10:45 AM

Meredith Bunting

Sharon Byrd

John Cabeen

Jaclyn Campbell--Pitching w/Sherman--FRI, Sept 21, 12:19-12:29 PM

Jan Carlson--Pitching w/Sherman--FRI, Sept 21, 1:50-2 PM

Jeanette Cheezum

Beth Chenosky--Pitching w/Sherman--FRI, Sept 21, 11:40-11:50 AM

David Chernicky--Pitching w/Sherman--SAT, Sept 22, 11:14-11:24 AM

Alexandra Christle--Pitching w/Dugas--FRI, Sept 21, 2:42-2:52 PM

Linda Cobb--Pitching w/Sherman--FRI, Sept 21, 2:29-2:39 PM

Joe Coccaro*

Colin Connelly--Pitching w/Sherman--FRI, Sept 21, 2:03-2:13 PM

Larry Conner--Pitching w/Sherman--FRI, Sept 21, 3:26-3:36 PM

Brian D'Herde and Seth Madaris--Pitching w/Jaffa--FRI, Sept 21, 10:48-10:58 AM

Valeria Davis

Melissa Deutsch--Pitching w/Jaffa--FRI, Sept 21, 11:53-12:03 PM
Angela Di Taranto

Pamela Diggs

Lisa Drago

Janet Dukes--Pitching w/Jaffa--SAT, Sept 22, 10:35-10:45 AM

Debbie Duncan--Pitching w/Dugas--SAT, Sept 22, 11:01-11:11 AM

Randy Duncan

Jane Edwards

Bob Felty*--Pitching w/Dugas--SAT, Sept 22, 11:40-11:50 AM

Randy Ferrance

Traci Ferrance

Jennifer Ford

Selina Foreman>br>
Pete Freas

Jeanette Gallagher

Suzanne Ganschinietz

Laurie Hamill

Olifur Haraldsson

Barbara Harvey

James Healy

Jean Hendrickson

Kathy Hessmer

Elizabeth Hill--Pitching w/Sherman--FRI, Sept 21, 12:06-12:16 PM

Jim Hodges--Pitching w/Sherman--FRI, Sept 21, 3:52-4:02 PM

Jennifer Howard--Pitching w/Sherman--FRI, Sept 21, 12:32-12:42 PM

Ron Hudson--Pitching with Sherman--FRI, Sept 21, 11:27-11:37 AM

Glynis Boyd Hughes--Pitching w/Dugas--FRI, Sept 21, 3:52-4:02 PM

Angwang Daughty Ibitoh--Pitching w/Jaffa--FRI, Sept 21,12:06-12:16 PM

Kelly Jackson

Alice Kelley Jernigan

Marna Krajeski--Pitching w/Dugas--FRI, Sept 21, 1:50-2:00 PM

Lynn Johnson

Ashley Josshua--Pitching w/Dugas--FRI, Sept 21, 3:26-3:36 PM

Lisa Randazzo Kearns

Skip Keith--Pitching w/Sherman--FRI, Sept 21, 10:48-10:58 AM

John Koehler

Gil Kraine

Frieda Landau--Pitching w/Sherman--SAT, Sept 22, 11:01-11:11 AM

Denisse Lane*

Marquita Leary--Pitching w/Jaffa--SAT, Sept 22,11:01-11:11 PM

Lorane Leavy

Narielle LIving

Donald Lynch

John Mack--Pitching w/Sherman--SAT, Sept 22, 10:48-10:58 AM

Seth Madaris and Brian D'Herda--Pitching w/Jaffa--FRI, Sept 21, 10:48-10:58 AM

Sarah Marquigny

Malcom Massey

Annette Mastick--Pitching w/Dugas--SAT, Sept 22, 11:14-11:24 AM

Sheila Mayes

Carine McCandless--Pitching w/Sherman--FRI, Sept 21, 2:16-2:26 PM

Ron McManus--Pitching w/Sherman--FRI, Sept 21, 11:14-11:24 AM

Anne Meek--Pitching w/Sherman--FRI, Sept 21, 3-3:10 PM

Melba Milak

Heather Miller--Pitching w/Sherman--FRI, Sept 21, 11:01-11:11 AM

Kent Miller--Pitching w/Dugas--FRI, Sept 21, 3-3:10 PM

Yvonne Mingee

Rick Moody--Pitching w/Sherman--SAT, Sept 22, 12:06-12:16 PM

Candance Moore--Pitching w/Jaffa--FRI, Sept 21,12:06-12:16 PM

Kim Morgan--Pitching w/Sherman--SAT, Sept 22, 11:40-11:50 AM

Anne Nowlin--Pitching w/Jaffa--SAT, Sept 22,11:14-11:24 PM

Susan Okaty

Kosebinu Emmanuel Oluwaseun--Pitching w/Jaffa--FRI, Sept 21, 11:53-12:03 PM

Michael Owens

SaraJean Panek--Pitching w/Jaffa--FRI, Sept 21, 2:42-2:52 PM

Elaine Panneton--Pitching w/Sherman--SAT, Sept 22, 11:27-11:37 AM

Alison Parson--Pitching w/Dugas--FRI, Sept 21, 2:16-2:26 PM

Sandy Patton

Sherrie Pilkington

Shannah Plutchak

Sharon Poch

Richard Proescher--Pitching w/Jaffa--FRI, Sept 21, 11:01-11:11 AM

Leslye Reaves--Pitching w/Jaffa--FRI, Sept 21, 2:03-2:13 PM

Carol Reiley

Jean-Paul Richard

Ignacio Ripoll*

Cecelia Robbins

Belinda Rodebaugh--Pitching w/Jaffa--FRI, Sept 21, 12:19-12:29 PM

Margaret Saunders--Pitching w/Jaffa--FRI, Sept 21, 2:29-2:39 PM

Dr. Milt Saunders--Pitching w/Jaffa--FRI, Sept 21, 11:14-11:24 AM

David Sawyer--Pitching w/Sherman--FRI, Sept 21, 2:42-2:52 PM

Jeff Schleicher

Debby Schyman--Pitching w/Dugas--FRI, Sept 21, 12:11-12:21 PM

Hollie Sessoms

Katherine Sharp

Carl Shirley

Gary Smart--Pitching w/Jaffa--Sat, Sept 22, 10:48-10:58 AM

Claire Smith

Nancy Smith

Patricia Smith--Pitching w/Jaffa--FRI, Sept 21, 11:27-11:37 AM

Judy Snider--Pitching w/Jaffa--FRI, Sept 21, 12:32-12:42 PM

Dr. Thomas Somma--Pitching w/Dugas--FRI, Sept 21, 1:50-2:00 PM

Chris Sorensen--Pitching w/Dugas--FRI, Sept 21, 12:24-12:34 PM

Rae Spencer--Pitching w/Dugas--FRI, Sept 21, 2:03-2:13 PM

Helen Spore

Cliff Stewart--Pitching w/Jaffa--FRI, Sept 21, 2:16-2:26 PM

Dave Tanis*

Gaylia Taylor

Evelyn Wagoner--Pitching w/Dugas--SAT, Sept 22, 10:48-10:58 AM

Debra Waldrop

Jay Watts--Pitching w/Sherman--FRI, Sept 21, 3:13-3:23 PM

Martha White

Jaclynn Wise*

Gregory Wright*--Pitching w/Sherman--SAT, Sept 22, 10:35-10:45 AM

Herbert Wright--Pitching w/Sherman--FRI, Sept 21, 3:39-3:49 PM

Beth Yates--

Donna Young--Pitching w/Jaffa--FRI, Sept 21, 11:40-11:50 AM

* denotes paying at the door

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