Cindy Lane

Cindy Lane grew up in Virginia Beach and graduated from First Colonial High School. She earned a degree in Forestry and Wildlife from Virginia Tech. After wandering around a bit in New Zealand, Senegal and Far Northern California, she settled in Suffolk, where she lives on farm near the Great Dismal with her husband and two long-haired weiner dogs who love to bark at everything that moves (her dogs, not her husband).

  She received her MFA in Writing from the brief residency program of Spalding Univeristy in 2013. The residencies occurred in London/Bath, Barcelona, Rome/Tuscany, Ireland, and Louisville. In case it isn't already clear, she LOVES to travel.

  In addition to HRW, she's a member of the Sisters in Crime mystery writers organization and its local manifestation, the Mystery by the Sea Chapter, and she's a frequent student in classes at The Muse Writers Center in Norfolk.

  She writes fiction, has a couple of short stories out there in the world, and is at work on a novel. She's always looking for writing friends west of Bowers Hill.

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