Brad Barrett
“Use the time of a total stranger in such a way that he or she will not feel the time was wasted.” – Kurt Vonnegut’s first rule of writing.

Brad Barrett lives in a small town in southeastern Virginia with his wife and longsuffering editor, Heather. A graduate of Bridgewater College, he currently works in government contracts and is known around the office as the very tall guy who points out missing Oxford commas. With a great deal of help from Heather, Brad recently completed his first novel, The Alchemy Project, a tongue-in-cheek version of a dark, unsettling coming-of-age novel. He is actively seeking representation.

His previous work has won a handful of short story contests and his articles have been featured on the sports website Bleacher Report, where he wrote opinion pieces, conducted interviews, and was chosen to receive media credentials to represent the website at live sporting events. His most widely known body of work consists of song lyrics written for local rock bands. These songs have been played on stations throughout Virginia, including FM99 in Hampton Roads, Y101 in Richmond, and 98 Rock in Harrisonburg.

Brad’s favorite authors include John Kennedy Toole, Hunter S. Thompson, Kurt Vonnegut, Brett Easton Ellis, and Edgar Allan Poe. He’s also a movie buff and is especially partial to films directed by Wes Anderson, Terry Gilliam, and Tim Burton (before 2004). When they can find the time, Brad and Heather enjoy the beach and playing old-school RPG video games together.

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