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The Art of Creative Nonfiction: Writing and Selling the Literature of Reality

Lee Gutkind
ISBN: 0471113565, Paperback - $11.53 BUY

Lee Gutkind, the author of several books of creative nonfiction and the founder/editor of the journal Creative Nonfiction, has some interesting things to tell us about this genre of writing, which strives to communicate real-life stories dramatically.

Keep It Real: Everything You Need to Know About Researching and Writing Creative Nonfiction

Lee Gutkind
ISBN: 0393065618, Hardback - $15.61 BUY

The one guide every creative nonfiction writer needs to turn to when being "creative." Writers of memoir and narrative nonfiction are experiencing difficult days with the discovery that some well-known works in the genre contain exaggerations—or are partially fabricated. But what are the parameters of creative nonfiction? Keep It Real begins by defining creative nonfiction. Then it explores the flexibility of the form—the liberties and the boundaries that allow writers to be as truthful, factual, and artful as possible. A succinct but rich compendium of ideas, terms, and techniques, Keep It Real will clarify the ins and outs of writing creative nonfiction.

On Writing Well: The Classic Guide to Writing Nonfiction

William K. Zinsser
ISBN: 0060006641, Paperback - $7.23 BUY

Whether you write an occasional professional letter or a daily newspaper column, William Zinsser's On Writing Well should be required reading. Simplicity is Zinsser's mantra: he preaches a stripped-down writing style, strong and clear.

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