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Fast Fiction: Creating Fiction in Five Minutes (Hardcover)

Roberta Allen
ISBN: 1884910270, Hardback - 6.58 BUY

Gather your writing utensils, set the timer to five minutes, and write a short short story. You'll be amazed with what you come up with. The rest, says Roberta Allen, is merely a matter of rewriting and refining. The center section of the book comprises a nice selection of exercises to get you started.

Flash Writing: How To Write, Revise And Publish Stories Less Than 1,000 Words Long

Michael L. Wilson
ISBN: 1589396375, Paperback - $14.95 BUY

Flash fiction is one of the hottest literary trends of the 21st century. Online and mainstream magazines crave it. Learn how to generate story ideas, create characters, develop conflict, and establish setting and point of view for flash fiction. This book includes: *Over 400 writing exercises to get you started.

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