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Through It All, I'm Going to Make It", a collection of poems to challenge the stoutest heart and warm the kindest soul by Patrice Dianne Wilkerson

Screwed, a book of erotic fiction by Mike Owens.

Stripper, madam, fugitive--a resume worthy of a modern Moll Flanders. Somehow, it's always about the money. Sharon Saluda, in her junior year at Pisgah College, doesn't have nearly enough of it, and a diploma is her ticket out of the narrow confines of small town life in Jacob's Bluff, NC. A career as a stripper seems a promising solution, but when that ends badly, a desperate Sharon capitalizes on that most basic of needs--sex--by matching up college coeds with faculty clientele. Her job description takes a dramatic uptick when Connor Shaw arrives and wants her as his own--for a very good price, of course. She takes the plunge, body and soul, because this man is gorgeous, ridiculously wealthy, and the sex is out of this world. But there's always a catch...right?

Available for purchase 8/11/2017, by The Wild Rose Press

Killer Teacher, a humorous, but suspenseful account of fictional teacher, Dabney Dazabny. The tongue-in-cheek story by Dennis Slavinsky takes jabs at bullies and their victims, education reform, and overly zealous news media

A Soul Promise, by Donna Kenworthy

The Devil's Season, by Donna Kenworthy

A 1-900 Psychic SPEAKS, by Donna Kenworthy

Jeanette Cheezum's novels

STEPPING INTO THE WILDERNESS (Responsible Living) by Susan Carter Payne

Susan Carter Payne
ISBN: B00BH3D308, Kindle Edition - $8.99 BUY

This is a book of self discovery offering sixty inspirational affirmations with quality photographs of nature's landscape. Each affirmation poses five questions for exploring self-truths through reflection or journal writing and includes five writing exercises/prompts for enriching the writing experience.

Natishma, Shaman of the Chesapeakes, Friend of the Roanoke Colony by Richard Proescher

Richard Proescher
ISBN: 162141888X, Paperback - $16.95 (6.99 Kindle) BUY

The outstanding authority on early English exploration and settlement in America, David Beers Quinn (1909-2002), concluded that most of the Roanoke Colonists made their way to an area on or near the Elizabeth River in southeastern Virginia. There they lived with a friendly tribe until well into the first decade of the seventeenth century. They were massacred by Powhatan about 1607.

Natishma is a thirteen-year-old physically deformed boy from the Chesapeake tribe of Tidewater Virginia. He is taken to the spirit world and told that a moon-colored people will arrive among his tribe by the time he is initiated into manhood. Natishma, Shaman of the Chesapeakes, Friend of the Roanoke Colony is the story of the extraordinary adventure when, in 1585, the Roanoke Colony lives with the Chesapeakes for two decades before being killed by Powhatan.

Midori and the 1000 Stitch Belt by Dr. C. Thomas Somma

Dr. C. Thomas Somma
ISBN: 147754030X, Paperback - $14.95 (9.99 Kindle) BUY

Midori and the 1000 Stitch Belt is a fictionalized account of the Pacific theatre of World War II told through the unique perspective of a courageous Japanese midwife wedded to a General in the Imperial Japanese Army. Her husband, General Tanoka, led the barbarous assault on China in 1937 ending with the slaughter of 330,000 innocent civilians at Nanking. It tells of her valiant efforts to preserve the lives of her three sons, all serving in the Imperialistic Army and to keep their names from being embroidered on their families' 1000 Stitch Belt, containing five centuries of her husband's lineage of warriors, all who died for the glory of their empire.

Midori's profession as a midwife to deliver and preserve life in an imperialistic society fanatically bent upon destroying it.. It is a tale of the senseless destruction of human lives by those caught up in the fanaticism of the times, and who willingly sacrificed themselves and others for the glory of their Emperor.

The story transverses from the horrors of the invasion of China in 1937, to the ultimate rape and slaughter of innocent civilians at Nanking, then to the invasion of the Philippines, Iwo Jima, and Okinawa. At Okinawa our forces are confronted with suicide attacks from the Japanese in many forms. First by the Shinya torpedo boats, to the Kaiten single manned human torpedo submarines, the full fanatical fury of the Kamikaze dive planes, and their devastating impact on the allied support ships and carriers. Documented, and seen for the first time in any war, the youth piloted Ohku's. This last hope of the losing Army, were glider bombs with youths sealed inside, and dropped from the bellies of bombers at Okinawa. The sealed pilots then steered their Ohku's into their targets, in a final fanatical display of allegiance to their Emperor. Midori's youngest son unknowingly, is deliberately placed in that position by a General Hironaka, to serve as a sacrificial lamb and give the youth of Japan a young national hero in order to recruit them in the final defense of the invasion of their homeland, which the General now accepts as inevitable.

Another of Midori's sons, a third year medical student, assigned to the secret Unit 731 at Pingfan in Manchuria, the human experimental camp, to serve as medical assistant on human experiments involving germ and biological warfare, freezing and burning experiments, and as surgical assistant on the horrid vivisections performed on unanaesthetized prisoners, males and females alike.

It is eventually from Midori's medical colleague and close friend, Father Krozier that she is finally made aware of the magnitude of the horrors perpetrated by her husband at Nanking. Father Krozier, a German Jesuit priest, served as one of the physicians who treated some of the surviving victims at Nanking within a "Safety Zone", an area cordoned off by the Germans who were then allies of Japan. It served as shelter for woman fortunate enough to avoid rape and mutilation. It was within that artificial zone that Krozier eventually meets, face to face, Midori's husband, Tanoka. The final chapter takes Midori to her inevitable conclusion at Hiroshima.

The book is rich in Samurai history and Shinto Gods. From Nanking to Iwo Jima, Okinawa, Manchuria, and finally Hiroshima, This is a fictional account, dramatically portrayed through lives caught in the maelstrom of war, and each a victim or cause of those terrible times. This book remains true to all of the historical events of the Pacific Theatre of World War II, and is divided into four sections: Nanking, Kamikaze, Unit 731, and Hiroshima.

Requiem by Dr. C. Thomas Somma

Dr. C. Thomas Somma
ISBN: 147754030X, Paperback - $12.58 BUY

These are stories of spirits gone, often all too soon, whose passage on this earth were never told. These tales cover a wide range of tragedies occurring in Viet Nam, the Holocaust, the inquisition, our own countries history of slavery, and a different light on an actual submarine tragedy. Let these tales serve as a suitable requiem for the one these people were denied.

Through It All, I'm Going to Make It by Patrice Dianne Wilkerson Picture of Through it All, I'm Going to Make it cover The Martin Culver Series (Action Adventure Fiction) by Malcom Massey:
Holiday in Havana by Malcom Massey picture
of holiday in Havana Cover

The Lost Ark of the Incas by Malcom Massey picture
of The Lost Ark of the Incas cover

The Lost Calendar of the Maya by Malcom Massey picture
of The Lost calendar of the Maya cover

I Love You, Be Careful by Judy Snider and Joan Dickow

Judy Snider and Joan Dickow
ISBN: 147754030X, Paperback - $20.71 (3.99 Kindle e-book) BUY

From the moment we are born, someone is telling us to be careful. No matter what country we call home or what language we speak, these words follow us our entire lives. You might hear parents, friends, family or children lovingly say this phrase at least once a day. Think about all of the times that a loved one goes off to school, play or work, and you say, "I Love You, Be Careful!"

I Love You, Be Careful is a heartwarming and uplifting book. There is a page to personalize it as a gift for adults and children. The book's beautiful illustrations capture poignant memories and cause one to reflect on all the "Be Careful" moments in life and smile.

Desert Victim by Ron Hudson

Ron Hudson
ISBN: 147754030X, Paperback - $14.73 (2.99 Kindle e-book) BUY

The scene is in the southwest U.S. where Del Whipple stumbles onto a methamphetamine operation. The perpetrators shoot and leave him for dead. He miraculously escapes and vows to seek justice.

Warriors of the Forgotten Front by Lynn (L. Craig) Johnson

Lynn (L. Craig) Johnson
ISBN: 145360751X, Paperback - $14.95 BUY

Chronicling previously untold feats of bravery, love, and historical significance, Warriors of the Forgotten Front tells the story of Sgt. Aaron Johnson and the men of G Company, 339th Infantry Regiment, as they battle their way up the Italian boot, through Rome and on to the Austrian Border in WWII. On the home front, Aaron's wife, Maggie, tends to their infant son and recently widowed father and prays constantly for her husband's safe return. Little does she know that she will provide the means for Aaron's survival in his deadliest and bloodiest encounter of the war.

The Three Survivors by SNOWFLAKE

ISBN: 0741438216, Paperback - $14.95 BUY

The Three Survivors chronicles the fictionalized retelling of one of the most arduous passages in history. After a massive storm in 1832, three men are stranded at sea on their broken ship for over four hundred days and hope for just two things-to survive their ordeal and to find safe passage home to Japan.

Left in the middle of the sea with not much else to eat but rice, teenage boys Kenta and Kyu, and their older, spiritually strong helmsman, Iwa, are tossed from one ordeal to the next. As they travel from Japan to Vancouver to "Slave Island" and Macao, the three Japanese sailors battle not only the unpredictable elements, but also their failing spirits, slavery, and their own government officials. Sustained by eating seaweed and shellfish that miraculously adheres to the side of their ship, the three men soon realize that finding their way back home proves to be a more difficult and dangerous journey than any of them ever expected.

In this realistic seafaring saga that will engage history fans and adventure buffs alike, three brave sailors will come full circle and face their final fate.

Goldy's Baby Socks

Judy Snider
ISBN: 1599264536, Paperback - $21.32 BUY

Goldy’s Baby Socks is the funny and heartwarming story of a family who almost had to move because their cat, Goldy, filled their house with her surprise gifts. Goldy was a pretty gold stray that was taken in by Lucy’s family. Lucy, her brother and her parents had no idea when they adopted Goldy that the fun and the sleepless nights, were about to begin!

Speaking to Think Thinking to Speak Thinking to Speak: The Importance of Talk in the Learning Process

Dr. Virginia O'Keefe
ISBN: 0867093587, Paperback - $27.50 BUY

Students of all ability levels deserve a chance to succeed. Speaking to Think/Thinking to Speak offers a method of instruction that enables teachers to give every student that chance. Since speaking to others, and ourselves, is the primary way we learn throughout our lives, excluding or minimizing talk in the classroom can handicap many learners. Virginia O'Keefe argues that sharing learning, processing knowledge, and practicing skills aloud help all learners achieve more academically.

Developing Critical Thinking: The Speaking/Listening Connection

Dr. Virginia O'Keefe
ISBN: 0867094915, Paperback - $15.00 BUY

Developing Critical Thinking will be a useful tool for classroom teachers who wish to raise literacy standards for all of their students and prepare them for participation in an information society that demands literacy, not just in reading and writing, but in all four modes of language.

A Grownup's Garden of Virtues: Inspirational Poems by Dr. Bill

Dr. Bill Carroll
ISBN: 0741438216, Paperback - $9.95 BUY

A Grownup's Garden of Virtues: Inspirational Poems by Dr. Bill is a varied yet consistently inspirational collection of poetry by prize-winning author William Carroll. Subjects range from elegiac verse through praises of plants, people and places to discussion of the poetic process itself. Gardening, writing and spirituality are so interrelated for Carroll that the book should appeal to a variety of readers -- even those not especially interested in gardening or poetry.

The Untied Stats on American: And Other Computer Assisted Writing Errors

Dr. Bill Carroll
ISBN: 0595358225, Paperback - $9.95 BUY

People can write the most nonsensical things, and now they have computer technology to help them create linguistic lunacies. If a hundred chimpanzees were seated at computer keyboards, they would have difficulty matching the ridiculous stuff turned out by human hands and minds with the assistance of their reliable “smart machines”. The Untied Stats on American: And Other Computer Assisted Writing Errors takes playful yet serious swipes at some of the misleading, erroneous, and just plain hilarious things that get past careless proofreaders and their trusty spelling checkers. Author William Carroll illustrates what can happen to the written word when oblivious proofreaders allow their computers to do their proofreading and editing. “Caress” drivers, or maybe even “carless” ones, who believe sex education should be taught in “pubic” schools, even those with “Cadillacs” on their eyes and symptoms of “old-timers” disease can learn something of value from Carroll’s The Untied Stats on American. Nonetheless, they should all be careful not to “wine up laughing they’re assets off wile their during it.”

Being Frank With Anne

Phyllis Johnson
ISBN: 0979087821, Paperback - $14.99 BUY

Before the Holocaust, Anne Frank lived her life as a normal teenager. She had a good life full of parties, tennis, bike riding, beaus and trips to the ice cream shop. Anne's world turned upside down when her family and a variety of personalities were confined to the Secret Annex during the Holocaust. While confined, Anne found comfort and hope through 'Kitty,' her personal diary. Being Frank With Anne is a reflection on the entries in Anne Frank's diary, bringing us all to the core of her emotions and thoughts as her world changed, forever. Let this interpretation of Anne's diary bring a deeper understanding of her world as she lived hidden from view.

Hot and Bothered By It

Phyllis Johnson
ISBN: 0979087813, Paperback - $13.25 BUY

Do you suffer from Oreoporosis? Is there an instant Mess-age at your house when you go away? Is a period just punctuation found in your romance novels while you fan yourself? If you can relate to any of these circumstances, you may be going through a midlife chrysalis. If you find yourself with a group of women playing such games as the "Millionaire Purse Game," wearing red and purple together and eating chocolate until you pass out, then this book is for you. HOT AND BOTHERED BY IT contains fifty poems celebrating the midlife experience for women. This book is the perfect companion for entertaining you and your friends at your next night out. This book is also GREAT for your reading group!

Tiny Poems for Women Who Think They Hate Poetry

Jean Hendrickson
ISBN: 1424102383, Paperback - $16.95 BUY

Tiny Poems for women who think they hate poetry is a collection that follows women’s journeys from teenage years to old age through the soaring joys and inevitable heartaches of our lives.

Whispers from Our Soul: The Voice of Tahkamenon

Valerie Wilkinson
ISBN: 1571741380, Paperback - 13.95 BUY

Valerie Wilkinson and Russell Reed never intended to write a book. But the messages they received from an entity named Tahkamenon made it impossible not to. Whispers From Our Soul: The Voice Of Tahkamenon is both an account of Tahkamenon's very powerful message, and the effects it had on the authors. Wilkinson, a CPA, is the president of a multi-million dollar health care company. Her job often requires political lobbying. Reed is also firmly grounded in the business world, currently operating his own successful consulting business. Tahkamenon contacted him while he was still a child. After Wilkinson told Reed about a "visit" from her recently-deceased father-in-law, he confided in her about Tahkamenon. Shortly after that, Tahkamenon established contact with Wilkinson. Reed "hears" Tahkamenon, while Wilkinson is inspired to record his messages in the written word.

Six Secrets of G. E. N. I. U. S.

Patrick Porter, Ph.d and Cynthia Porter, Ph.d
ISBN: 1888316004, Paperback - 9.49 BUY

Discover what inventors, artists and other great minds have known for centuries-the secrets of sparking their own creativity and super-charging their motivation. Learn simple strategies to rid yourself of negative awaken your positive attitude in every situation...and to think your way through complex or confusing challenges.

Awaken the Genius: Mind Technology for the 21st Century

Patrick Porter, Ph.d and Cynthia Porter, Ph.d (ghostwriter)
ISBN: 0963761188, Paperback - 14.95 BUY

You'll discover how to maintain a Genuine positive to unleash your personal passion and Enthusiasm (including stories and fun-to-do exercises) to develop Non-stop enrgy and center that energy on reaching your to activate your unlimited imagination and to enjoy and unending drive to to experience every day what geniuses throughout history have enjoyed-spontaneous intuitive breakthroughs.

Love Letters from God

Anthony J. Asalone
ISBN: 0967321204, Paperback - 5.50 BUY

The form of this book is letters from the author to God and His responses to these letters. The responses are the author's interpretation of what he feels God is saying to all of us.

GLORIA El Angel De Navidad

Scott Anthony Asalone (Tony Asalone's son)
ISBN: 1886510415, Hardcover - 18.95 BUY

Children's Book.

Primary Care Issues for End-of-Life Care

Michael R. Owens, M.D.
ISBN: 1931981094, Paperback - 19.95 BUY

Pocket-sized handbook for physicians discusses various aspects of dying, including symptoms, fatigue, depression, and pain management. Addresses the differences between palliative care and hospice and provides an overview on the current state of dying in the United States.

Care of the Terminally Ill Cancer Patient: A Handbook for the Medical Oncologist

Michael R. Owens, M.D.
ISBN: 0398073155, HARDBACK - 193.31 BUY

Text that focuses on end-of-life care.

KnitLit the Third: We Spin More Yarns

ISBN: 1400097606, Paperback - 11.90 BUY

Whether you’re a veteran knitter or brand-new to the needles, KnitLit creators Linda Roghaar and Molly Wolf welcome you into their ever-growing circle with KnitLit the Third, an all-new collection of stories about the ups, downs, ins, and outs of knitting. In this third compendium of fiction, faction, and poetry about knitting, returning editors (and, yes, they're knitters) Roghaar and Wolf continue to showcase wisdom and wit in 71 snippets (that is, from one to three or four pages) from contributors who are well dispersed geographically.

Contains an essay by Lauran Strait, one of the founders of HRW

See You Next Tuesday

ISBN: 0974323551, Paperback - 10.00 BUY

The recipe for Better Non Sequitur's anthology is simple: Sex, 50 stories, 1,000 words each, written by 50 authors from all over the globe. A scandalous fusion of literary traditions, See You Next Tuesday is the exclusive and hyper-unusual mishmash of never-seen sex-texts, exploring the inevitable and always poignant cross-sections of human existence and sexuality.

Lauran Strait's fiction is featured in this anthology

Six Sentences Volume 1

Robert McEvily, Editor
ISBN: 1434892042, Paperback - $29.97 BUY

Six Sentences (6S) is a webzine dedicated to the art of microflash fiction, a difficult art in the world of prose. Stories are told in just six sentences only - and what a wealth of stories: tales that evoke awe and beauty and sadness and outright guffaws. This is the first print anthology of these little gems by dozens of authors, some well-known, others hoping to be so.

Sherrie Pilkington's fiction is featured in this anthology


Richard Earls
ISBN: 1412074711, Paperback - $23.15 BUY

Time has no beginning and no end. This story depicts the dilemma of one man's accidental journey through an anomaly. Are time and destiny intertwined?

A Soul Promise

Donna Kenworthy
ISBN: 059540068X, Paperback - 16.95 BUY

Donna Kenworthy's first book, A 1-900 PSYCHIC SPEAKS, told of her experiences working as a professional psychic. Her memoir, A SOUL PROMISE, relates her lifelong spiritual quest.

A 1-900 Psychic Speaks

Donna Kenworthy
ISBN: 1571741135, Paperback - from 0.84 BUY

This is a fascinating and upbeat behind the scenes view of phone in readings and how a psychic channel tunes in from the level of knowing that "we are One." There is much advice that can be used in your own life from love, work, and money to even greeting a soul before giving birth to nerds and gutsy replies. You will find an example of dealing with a con artist psychic to transformation of patterns and living a more meaningful and satisfying life. Underlying all this are beliefs that are written out for you to ponder. You even learn how to prepare for and get the most out of a reading.

Navy Mustang: From Seaman to Officer, a Quarter Century in the United States Navy

Ed Delong
ISBN: 0595477372, Paperback - 18.85 BUY

When fifteen-year-old Edgar DeLong convinced his family to let him join the United States Navy in 1944, he didn't know what his future would bring. In Navy Mustang, DeLong details what his adventure-filled life is like from the day he enlists to when he retires twenty-six years later, including earning the designation of United States Navy Mustang.

The Forgotten Future: Adolescents in Crisis

Deborah Clark Ebel, RN
ISBN: 1432719351, Paperback - 17.95 BUY

You may be shocked and surprised to learn what really goes on behind the locked doors of an adolescent psychiatric facility. You will find an eye-opening and alarming look into the lives of a group of teens whose families have entrusted them to the care of a psychiatric hospital. You will be encouraged to learn of the dedication and hard work of individuals who work with our children, despite the many challenges of their chosen profession. You will be convinced that our nation must rally to provide a mental health care system that truly works. And you will agree that our children deserve a chance to reach their goals and live to their greatest potential. Their future must not be forgotten.

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