Dr. Bill Carroll

  • Bill Carroll (Poet Low-rate of the Unitarian-Universalist Church of Norfolk) was one of ten local yokels whose poetry was featured with accompanying photographs by The Shutterbugs at the Pavilion Towne Bank in VA. Beach on May 7, 2009.

  • Bill's song lyric, Lonesome Lover Blues, won Second Prize in the Poetry Society of Virginia 2009 Poetry Contest.

  • An article about Bill, his gardening, and his writing recently appeared in the July 30, 2009 Virginian Pilot's BEACON section. Read Bill's article here.

    William Carroll, Ph. D., a Professor Emeritus in the field of English, is an award-winning poet, an avid vegetable gardener, and lover of language and literature.

    He was given the nickname “Dr. Bill” during the 1980s when his son (William S. Carroll) was attending Norfolk State University, where the elder Bill was teaching. In 1987, the father and son were featured in a sizable article in the Norfolk Virginian-Pilot entitled “A Dose of Dr. Bill.” From that point onward, the name stuck and continued to grow.

    Dr. Carroll, who grew up on a farm in Surry County, Virginia, attended the county public schools, graduating with honors from Luther Porter Jackson High School in 1954. Carroll earned degrees at Norfolk State University (1965), Temple University (1967) and The University of North Carolina (1978). He has studied and/or taught at other institutions of higher learning. He was employed at his Alma Mater, NSU, for more than thirty years.

    Although he was a professor of English Language and Literature, Carroll’s own published writings during his teaching career were largely confined to scholarly treatises on the literary productions of other writers. Upon retiring in 1999, the Professor Emeritus launched a new phase of his writing “career.”

    One result of this shifting of scholarly gears was the publication of a little volume of poetry entitled SONGS, SCENES AND SENTIMENTS: Lyrical Works of Dr, Bill in 2003. In 2004, the Area II ACT-SO Committee of the NAACP conferred upon the author an Award for Excellence in Poetry.

    Although Dr. Bill had been working on a humorous reference book dealing with computer-assisted writing errors before his retirement, the book was not published until 2005 as THE UNTIED STATS ON AMERICAN: And Other Computer Assisted Writing Errors. This book combines entertainment with education in a manner consistent with the way the author attempted to teach.

    Reared on a farm, William Carroll learned to love and appreciate garden fresh vegetables. Of course, he learned to grow them too; however, after more than a decade of living in cities and buying produce in stores, he was content to let someone else raise his foodstuffs –– until he and his young city-dwelling family found a packet of free vegetable seeds within the packaging of a mass-marketed product. The young professor dug up a plot in their Norfolk, Virginia back yard and planted the free seeds and a few more purchased at a nearby hardware store. After tending the plants for a few months, the young Carroll family could easily appreciate the taste difference between their homegrown veggies and those from the stores.

    The transplanted farm boy, then approaching middle age, speculated that there was probably a significant difference in nutrition between the veggies he could grow and those he could buy. Thus began the enlargement of his backyard garden, followed by a succession of rented gardens in Virginia Beach.

    In the early twenty-first century, Bill Carroll was writing guest columns for the Virginian-Pilot newspaper and also publishing poems in The New Journal and Guide of Norfolk. Some of the fruits of these journalistic endeavors were eventually published in 2007 as A GROWNUP’S GARDEN OF VIRTUES: Inspirational Poems by Dr. Bill, with an introduction by Sheri Bailey, founder of the Hampton Roads Juneteenth Festival.

    As a senior citizen, Carroll still enjoys writing and gardening. Every year, he donates between 100 and 300 pounds of produce to the Food Bank of Southeastern Virginia. He may never reach the goal of 500 pounds of garden goodies for the food bank in any one year, and his books may never become best sellers, but for this author/gardener, writing and gardening remain labors of love.

    A Grownup's Garden of Virtues: Inspirational Poems by Dr. Bill

    Dr. Bill Carroll
    ISBN: 0741438216, Paperback - $9.95 BUY

    A Grownup's Garden of Virtues: Inspirational Poems by Dr. Bill is a varied yet consistently inspirational collection of poetry by prize-winning author William Carroll. Subjects range from elegiac verse through praises of plants, people and places to discussion of the poetic process itself. Gardening, writing and spirituality are so interrelated for Carroll that the book should appeal to a variety of readers -- even those not especially interested in gardening or poetry.

    The Untied Stats on American: And Other Computer Assisted Writing Errors

    Dr. Bill Carroll
    ISBN: 0595358225, Paperback - $9.95 BUY

    People can write the most nonsensical things, and now they have computer technology to help them create linguistic lunacies. If a hundred chimpanzees were seated at computer keyboards, they would have difficulty matching the ridiculous stuff turned out by human hands and minds with the assistance of their reliable “smart machines”. The Untied Stats on American: And Other Computer Assisted Writing Errors takes playful yet serious swipes at some of the misleading, erroneous, and just plain hilarious things that get past careless proofreaders and their trusty spelling checkers. Author William Carroll illustrates what can happen to the written word when oblivious proofreaders allow their computers to do their proofreading and editing. “Caress” drivers, or maybe even “carless” ones, who believe sex education should be taught in “pubic” schools, even those with “Cadillacs” on their eyes and symptoms of “old-timers” disease can learn something of value from Carroll’s The Untied Stats on American. Nonetheless, they should all be careful not to “wine up laughing they’re assets off wile their during it.”

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