Hampton Roads Writers

Barbara (Bobbie) Dunn Hartin

May 17, 1929 to June 26, 2008

  • Moondance Magazine

  • Nov 2006--NaNoWriMo participant

  • For those of you who comforted me in my early morning with phone calls or e-mails. For those who did the same at night. For the little squidge-y presents that you gave me. For the bits of music. For slips of paper in the mail. For flowers. Oh, my goodness. There is too much. The bowl is full to overflowing.

    I hope to leave soon. I have enjoyed so much the time with my beloved children. They are so wonderful - but you can see that for yourselves.

    Some friends have been with me a short time and some seemingly forever. Those, of course, get special medals for hanging in there. If this is too saccharine, I am sorry but that is the sweetnes I feel for each of you. A piece of you will be with me in heaven. (I hope it is heaven). At any rate, wherever I go, you will be there, and I will never leave you.

    Love Bobbie

    Open Tribute to Bobbie by Meredith Bunting

    I want to write what I should have said last night at our first ever HRW Open Mic meeting. My spirit kept pulling at me to just get up and interrupt for this thought, but my body was reticent and just sat in the chair. It is hard for me to forgive myself. So I speak to all of you now on my "Open Com" --

    First - congratulations to every single one of you who read your pieces to us. I, personally, was awestruck by the passion, confidence, and talent shared by all of the readers. The written word is powerful and vital to a thriving community!

    Next, and the reason why I wanted to come to the mic, is to remember and honor Barbara Dunn Hartin; Bobbie, to us, her friends. We all know Bobbie would have been with us last night, if she could. In fact, she would have been one of our staunchest supporters and and hearty encouragers, and she'd wear a hat. She most definitely would have read from one of her many, many stories, poems, and/or memoirs. Our Bobbie is incredibly gifted, and has entertained and touched us with her poignant, lovely, often witty observations about people, children, cats, the world and beyond. Wise and whimsical, Bobbie Hartin owns the profound gift of seeing life, even its difficulties, as a fairytale, or a clever comedy.

    "God is clever," she wrote,

    "Do you think

    You would have

    Thought of so many

    Ways to delight,

    Aggrieve and confuse

    The human race?"

      Heaven is going to be so much fun, so joyous and warmed when Bobbie joins the heavenly beings. I am sure the angels are preparing a grand tea party for her now, and all will be waiting, in their frills and flowered hats, for her to arrive with her stories. It would be well for each one of us now, to reserve a seat in the first row! In the meantime, friends, please take a moment to think of our Bobbie, send her love from your hearts, say a prayer on her behalf, and feel yourselves being hugged by her, for no one hugs better than Bobbie Hartin.

    "I win the key,
    Open the door
    At journey's end,
    Throw wide the gate,
    Dance through, and claim my

    (from Thresholds, B. Hartin 10/05)

      "I loved the world," Bobbie wrote, "and I thought the world loved me back."  How we do love you Bobbie, and always will.

    Meredith Bunting and all your friends in writing, HRW

    Open Tribute to Bobbie by Jeanette Cheezum

    I would like to take a few minutes to tell my fellow writer’s that my favorite group, the Hampton Roads Writers, has just lost one of our own. Barbara “Bobbie” Hartin, was a lovely person with a friendly soul. She enjoyed people and touched most that came in contact with her.

    In 2000 she started writing and really developed a passion for that part of her creative life. Some of her work is shared on the pages of Moondance: Celebrating creative women, an E-Zine for readers and writers. When you have the time visit the site and read her work.

    I attended her memorial service on Friday the 27th of this month. This memorial was all about Bobbie. There were tributes, a bagpiper, prayers, and tears. I came away knowing how much I’d missed not having a closer relationship with her. If you have someone who you care about reach out to them before it’s too late.

    Jeanette Cheezum

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