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Ann Davis

Ann moderates a writers group in Hampton known as Kinship of Authors. They meet the second Thursday of the month, 6:30 PM, at the Hampton Main Library on Victoria Boulevard. For more information, call Ann at 722-1584 or email her.

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Ann Davis’ first novel, Time Will Tell, has been used in the Hampton City Schools along with their social studies classes. It reveals the truth of the 29 German graves in the Hampton National Cemetery. This book was featured in the August 2005 issue of Virginia Living magazine, a bi-monthly publication published by Cape Fear Publishing, Richmond, Virginia.

Down By the Back River Light is the true story of the 1931 murder trail in the Elizabeth City County Courthouse of a university professor accused of drowning his wife at Grandview near Hampton. The jury found him “not guilty” but local folks said he got away with murder.

In a little book titled, No More Indians, Ann argues with her textbooks regarding what she was taught in school about what the Native American people in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Ann is most concerned that even modern textbooks still omit some of the facts that students should be told. She attempts to have readers think for themselves while she depicts the various experiences and viewpoints of the subjects of her writing. Much of her research involves interviewing senior citizens, who shared first-hand accounts.

The story of the 1933 hurricane that devastated the beaches near Hampton is the topic of her next book, When Seagulls Fly Inland, which she is shopping around with publishers now. This books tells of the two amusement parks during the time of segregation in Virginia: Buckroe and Bay Shore.

Ann founded a writer’s group, Kinship of Authors, in Hampton. The group is open to writers of all genres and meets monthly at the Hampton Public Library on second Thursdays. Everyone is welcome.

Ann is active in the Hampton History Association, having served two years on a committee for events leading up to the 400th Anniversary of Hampton. She has been a speaker for historical and community groups and classrooms. She has been asked to serve on the advisory committee for the 2009 Christopher Newport University Writer’s Conference.

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