1.) Do you have a single poem of 100 lines or less that you canít seem to get right? For just $15 (HRW members) or $20 (nonmembers), Charlotte will offer wisdom, insight, and suggestions for moving your poem in the right direction. You will be scheduled to meet for ten minutes with Charlotte during the conference to discuss your poem.

2.) For $25 (HRW members) or $35 (nonmembers), Charlotte will evaluate 3 to 4 poems. (Total line submission capped at 300 lines) You will be scheduled to meet for 20 minutes with Charlotte to discuss your poems.

HRW must receive all submissions by July 24, 2015. They will be mailed to Charlotte on July 27.

You must register for the conference to take advantage of this offer.

Charlotte Matthews is the author of two full length collection of poetry, Still Enough to Be Dreaming and Green Stars. Her work has recently appeared in The American Poetry Review, Chautauqua, The Virginia Quarterly Review and The Greensboro Review. She teaches in The Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies Program at The University of Virginia.

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