Hampton Roads Writers 7th Annual Conference

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September 17 - 19, 2015

Holiday Inn
Virginia Beach - Norfolk Hotel & Conference Center

5655 Greenwich Road
Virginia Beach, VA 23462

1 evening plus 2 full days of workshops, 2 best-selling keynoters, 2 first ten-lines critique sessions, 50 workshops during 10 breakout sessions, ten-minute agent pitches, cash prize contests for short fiction, short nonfiction, and poetry, complimentary 90-minute cocktail social, and a 2-hour open mic; regular and advanced track workshops cover fiction, non-fiction, memoir, poetry, marketing, screenwriting, and the business of getting published. A book shop, book signings, and many networking opportunities.


GENERAL* and ADVANCED TRACK** workshops available

OPTIONAL 8-page manuscript review; follow link for details

OPTIONAL Evaluation of 3 - 4 poems; follow link for details

Thursday, Sept 17 -- Check in at 6 PM; choice of workshops from 6:30 to 8:30 PM

Friday, Sept 18 -- Check in at 8 - 8:30 AM; First 10-lines critiques begin at 8:30 AM, Keynote begins at 9:50 AM, Contest Awards at 10:30, first set of 5 workshops begins at 11:00, Lunch begins at 12, second set of 5 workshops begins at 1:15, third set of 5 workshops begins at 2:30, third set of workshops begin at 3:45, Social begins at 5 PM, Open Mic begins at 7 PM.

Saturday, Sept 19 -- Check in 7:45 AM; First 10-lines critiques begin at 8:00 AM, Keynote begins at 9:20 AM, readings from 1st page winners at 10, first set of 5 workshops begins at 10:30, Lunch begins at 11:30, second set of 5 workshops begins at 12:45, third set of 5 workshops begins at 1:55, fourth set of 5 workshops begin at 3:05, fifth set of 5 workshops begins at 4:15, conference is over at 5:15 PM.

Early bird tuition (until June 26) $200 for HRW members, $235.00 for non-members

  From June 27 to September 10 - $235 HRW members, $270 non-members

  September 11 through the start of the conference - $280 for members and non-members alike

Tuition includes two lunches and cocktail social (cash bar) with COMPLIMENTARY heavy hors d’oeuvres

$125 Students (with proof of current FULLTIME*** enrollment)

$140 one-day member and non-member(Fri or Sat only)

$50 Thursday evening only

Contest deadline July 24

***Fulltime enrollment means that you are a high school student, an undergraduate student taking a minimum of 12 credits per semester, or a graduate student taking a minimum of 6 credit hours per semester. Please include a copy of your FALL 2015 class schedule along with your conference registration.

Email HRW with questions or contact Sherrie at (757) 639-6146


*Writers considering registering for Regular Track workshops should fall within these guidelines:
  • Writers who are starting out, who have attended 1-3 conferences, have completed 0-3 manuscripts, and are getting a handle on the publishing industry would benefit most from workshops in the general track. Workshops will cover the basics elements of prose and poetry craft, query letter, synopsis, and/or book proposal preparation as well as how to submit finished manuscripts, and meet agents and editors.

  • Writers who have been studying the craft for a while and have become strong writers, are receiving some requests for full manuscripts, but are getting rejected and haven't acquired an agent will benefit from this track. workshops will delve deeper into strengthening the elements of a good manuscript and proposal as well as help identify the areas a writer needs to improve to advance his/her career.

  • **Writers considering registering for Advanced Track workshops should fall within these guidelines:
  • Writers who’ve studied the craft for a long while, who’ve gotten requests for complete manuscripts with revisions from agents and editors, and possibly have made it to committee but are still receiving rejections. Their writing is strong, they’re ready for publication, editors and agents are watching them, but that elusive contract has not yet been offered. In the advanced workshops, they will learn the next step to publication as well as continue to strengthen their prose and publishing knowledge.

  • Writers who are traditionally published or recently contracted. They’re still struggling with balancing their life with their new writing career and trying not to be stressed while meeting deadlines. Their workshops might also cover organization, marketing, public relations and speaking, and the business side of writing.

  • Published authors with several books. While the main goal of these workshops is to learn about craft or marketing in a new or improved way, they also will be gathering places for these writers to network and exchange ideas.

    The statements, opinions, and conclusions of all presenters and vendors at The 7th Annual Hampton Roads Writers Conference are their own and not necessarily those of Hampton Roads Writers,Inc. Moreover, materials or services promoted, sold, or distributed at The Conference are not warranted by Hampton Roads Writers, Inc.(HRW), nor does their promotion, sale, or distribution necessarily imply any endorsement by HRW.

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    Attendee Terms & Conditions

    By registering for the 7th annual Hampton Roads Writers (“HRW”) Conference (the “Conference”), the holder of the registration (the “Attendee”) automatically agrees to the terms and conditions set forth below (the “Terms and Conditions”). These Terms and Conditions apply to each attendee registered for the Conference. Any person, delegate, accompanying person, student, media representative, speaker, or exhibitor who is present at the conference is considered an attendee.

    HRW reserves the right to render, in its sole and absolute discretion, all interpretations and decisions in connection with the Terms and Conditions and to establish further regulations binding upon Attendee as may be deemed necessary to the general success and well-being of the Conference and/or any person(s) affiliated therewith. HRW’s decisions and interpretations shall be final in all cases.

    Rules, Regulations & Attendee Conduct— Attendee agrees to abide by all fire, safety, and health regulations of the local, city, state, and conference hotel where the conference is held. Attendee must comply with all applicable federal, state, local and ordinances, as well as HRW policies and procedures as set forth below. Participants in violation of such rules and/or who behave in an unsafe or careless manner while attending the conference may be asked to leave immediately and will be held responsible for their actions. Attendee acknowledges that such violations may result in the attendee being removed from the Conference and barred from returning without refund of the Attendee’s registration fee. Attendee likewise acknowledges and agrees that all attendees of the conference have the right to enjoy the conference equally. Disruptive behavior that interferes with the conduct of reasonable business at the Conference, or any other attendee’s safety or comfort, may result in the attendee being removed from the Conference and barred from returning without refund of the Attendee’s registration fee.

    Indemnity— To the extent permitted by law, the Attendee agrees to protect, indemnify, defend, and hold harmless HRW and its officers, directors, volunteers, and agents against all claims, losses, or damages to persons or property, governmental charges or fines, and costs (including reasonable attorney's fees) arising out of or connected to the actions or failure to act in accordance with the Terms and Conditions by Attendee, its officers, directors, volunteers, or agents, except those claims arising out of the other party's gross negligence or willful misconduct.

    Access Guidelines— HRW is committed to making all reasonable arrangements that will allow people to participate in conference events. All rooms at the conference are wheelchair accessible. The first row of seating in meeting rooms is reserved for individuals with special needs. In order to help us better prepare, all requests for special services, equipment, or accommodations should be submitted in advance of the conference. Please submit your request to HRWriters@cox.net by Friday, September 4, 2015. Attendees who require special onsite assistance during the conference should request it from personnel at HRW’s conference check-in table.

    Alcohol & Drugs— HRW supports and enforces all laws of the state and municipality where the Conference is held in all matters concerning alcohol and other controlled substances. It is considered unlawful to furnish or give any liquor, malt, or brewed beverages to minors, visibly intoxicated persons, habitual drunkards, or those prone to intemperate habits. It is also illegal for minors to purchase or possess alcohol and to be visibly intoxicated. All medically unsupervised possession of controlled substances is prohibited. The manufacture, delivery, sale, and possession of an illegal substance could result in legal action. Smoking. Smoking is not permitted in the meeting rooms.

    Lost Registration Badge— Attendee’s registration badge must be worn at all times during the Conference. Access to the Conference facilities will not be granted to those without proper credentials. If an Attendee loses, misplaces, or forgets his or her name badge, a replacement fee of $25.00 will be charged for the creation of a new registration badge. Once the new registration badge is released to the Attendee, the lost badge will become invalid.

    Modification of the Conference Program— HRW reserves the right to modify the program, which is published as an indication only.

    Registration, Hotel, & Travel Accommodations— Registration includes admission to HRW’s plenary and breakout sessions, buffet lunch on Friday and Saturday during the conference and admission to the social on Friday evening. Other meals, lodging, and travel are not included. Hotel accommodations at a reduced rate are subject to availability and will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

    Salvatory Clause— If there is a determination that any part of the Terms and Conditions is ineffective or impracticable, then the validity of the Terms and Conditions remaining is not impaired.

    Photography & Filming— Photographs, audio, and video will be captured during the conference. Attendees hereby grant HRW and its representatives permission to photograph and/or record them at the conference, and distribute (both now and in the future) the attendee's image or voice in photographs, videotapes, electronic reproductions, and audiotapes of such events and activities.

    Photography or Recording Usage by Attendees— HRW appreciates all photographic coverage of the Conference. Audio and video recordings are not permitted without the prior written consent of the person being recorded.

    Force Majeure— Attendance at the Conference is subject to acts of God, government authority, disaster, or other emergencies, any of which make it illegal or impossible for HRW and/or the Conference hotel to provide the facilities and/or services for the Conference, or make it illegal or impossible for the Attendee to utilize the hotel for the Conference. A registration may be canceled for any one or more of such reasons by written notice from HRW to the Attendee without liability on the part of HRW.

    Cancelation— In the event the Conference cannot be held or is postponed due to events beyond the control of HRW, HRW shall not be liable to Attendee for any damages, costs, or losses incurred, such as transportation costs, accommodations costs, or financial losses. Under such circumstances, an Attendee may choose to have their registration fee refunded in full.

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